Introducing the Warrior Novium Hockey Sticks

The 2022 Warrior Novium sticks are now available at Pure Hockey, and we have all the information you’ll need before you buy.

The Novium is Warrior’s new mid-kick hockey stick, designed for players who take a variety of shots and want a versatile stick that can easily handle both quicker and more powerful shots. The Novium sticks boast a number of new features that will appeal to fans of other Warrior mid-kick sticks, including a new taper design.

If you’re unsure which kick point fits your game best, check out our guide on How to Buy a Hockey Stick, or visit your local Pure Hockey store for a full assessment from our staff.

Warrior Novium Pro Hockey Stick

Warrior Novium Pro Hockey Stick

The new Warrior Novium Pro hockey stick is a true top-of-the-line model built for elite performance. The Novium Pro features Warrior’s new RLC 199 or “Revolutionary Lightweight Construction” — Warrior chose only the most advanced materials and processing technologies available to produce an extremely lightweight and durable hockey stick. RLC 199 combines newer, lower-weight carbon composites with an epoxy resin toughened with thermoplastic to improve the stick’s velocity, feel, and control.

The Novium Pro stick also includes Warrior’s new Bevel Taper, a unique design that’s stiffer through the taper to provide increased control and improved shot velocity.

The Novium Pro uses Warrior’s new Fuelcore Ultra Blade, with a lightweight polymer core surrounded by Minimus Carbon 25 weave. These materials allow for enhanced durability, softer puck feel, and extra pop when shooting. The Minimus Carbon 25 material can also be found in the shaft, making the Novium Pro stick shaft lighter and tougher than ever.

The Warrior Novium Pro is a lightweight and dynamic option, ideal for players who skate at least four or five times per week and need a high-performing stick. But any player, regardless of level or frequency of play, can benefit from purchasing this top-end model.

Warrior Novium Pro Hockey Stick (Senior)
Warrior Novium Pro Hockey Stick (Intermediate)
Warrior Novium Pro Hockey Stick (Junior)

Shopping for a new stick? Pure Hockey carries a full range of Warrior sticks, from the brand new Novium Pro to established models like the Alpha and Covert. And all our products are backed by our Low-Price Guarantee.

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