Introducing the Bauer X Line of Beginners’ Hockey Gear

Looking for entry-level hockey gear without sacrificing performance? You can now shop the Bauer X line of beginners’ sticks, skates, and protective equipment, and enjoy some of the same great features and materials that Bauer puts into their more advanced gear. Designed with the new hockey player in mind, the Bauer X line comes in Senior, Intermediate, Junior, and Youth sizes for most products. First-time hockey players will appreciate the ease of access to beginners’ hockey gear made from the same quality materials as other Bauer products, while casual recreational players will love the value packed into the Bauer X line, which gives players everything they need to hit the ice without the extras they don’t.

Bauer X-LP & X-LS Beginner Hockey Skates

Bauer X-LP
Bauer X-LP
Bauer X-LS
Bauer X-LS

You’ll notice two distinct types of skates in the Bauer X line of beginner hockey skates: the X-LP and the X-LS. The X-LP stands for “Learn to Play” and was created for players who might have some basic skating experience, but who are new to the movements and techniques required for hockey skating. Whether you’re stepping on the ice for the first time, or you’re comfortable skating but still getting used to changing directions and the added agility required in hockey, the X-LP line is made for you.

The X-LS skate stands for “Learn to Skate” and was designed for any beginning skater who wants to develop their skating skills recreationally, without a focus on hockey. The X-LS skates use the same 3D PolyCarb Quarter Package and Anaform ankle pads as more advanced Bauer skates, with a more forgiving design to give new skaters the support and comfort needed to advance their skills.

Bauer X-LP Beginner Hockey Skates
Bauer X-LS Beginner Hockey Skates

Bauer X Beginner Hockey Sticks

The Bauer X line of beginner hockey sticks is built from high-quality composite materials and designed for high-level recreational hockey players. Available in Senior, Intermediate, and Junior sizes, these recreational-level hockey sticks give players the puck-handling and shooting characteristics they desire without the bells and whistles of a top price point stick. With a decreased weight and lighter, improved balance point, the Bauer X sticks come in one flex, which is not found in other sticks in this line, to cast a wider net and fit more players that are just starting out. The decreased weight and improved release speed will give beginners the feel and performance they need to both enjoy the game and take it to the next level.

Bauer X Beginner Hockey Sticks

Bauer X Beginner Hockey Protective Gear

All the padding you need to keep you protected, without the bulk of advanced-level gear: the Bauer X line of hockey protective equipment for beginners includes gloves, shoulder pads, pants, elbow pads, and shin guards. Using the same ergo-dynamic designs and materials like MD foam used in advanced-level pads, this beginner protective equipment is scaled-down, prioritizing comfort without sacrificing performance. Whether you’re a new skater or just enjoy some lighter recreational play, the Bauer X line of protective hockey gear was designed to maximize your experience on the ice with some top technology and value packed into beginner pads.

Bauer X Beginner Hockey Gloves
Bauer X Beginner Hockey Shoulder Pads
Bauer X Beginner Hockey Elbow Pads
Bauer X Beginner Hockey Shin Guards
Bauer X Beginner Hockey Pants

With the Bauer X line, Bauer has applied decades of design experience to create a collection of beginners’ hockey gear that will help first-timers and rec players to stay comfortable and confident while advancing their skills on the ice. Bottom line, if you’re new to the sport or if you enjoy a more casual level of play, you’ll love the value and performance the Bauer X line provides.

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