Introducing the 2022 TRUE Catalyst PX Hockey Stick

The 2022 TRUE Catalyst PX hockey stick is now available at Pure Hockey, and we have all the information you’ll need before you buy. Fans of TRUE Hockey will love what the all-new Catalyst PX stick has to offer, with several new features designed to help players at every level improve their shots and play their best.

The Catalyst line is TRUE’s mid-kick point family, designed for players looking for accuracy, control, and power. Featuring new and improved technologies, the Catalyst PX is ideal for any player seeking a lighter stick with elements of a mid-kick profile that boasts precision accuracy and unmatched elite performance. If you’re unsure which kick point fits your game best, check out our guide on How to Buy a Hockey Stick or visit your local Pure Hockey store for an assessment from our staff.

TRUE Catalyst PX Hockey Stick

The all-new Catalyst PX stick packs the signature technologies and features of the Catalyst stick family in an even lighter build.  With new material advances and lower resin content, TRUE was able to reduce the weight by 25g down to 360g, while still exceeding shaft durability standards.

A notable upgrade in the Catalyst PX is TRUE’s Focused Resin Flow (RESFLO), which minimizes voids in the laminate for a stronger and more consistent build. The blade also has an upgraded Tri Rib Tech (TRT) design, which provides extreme durability in an ultra-lightweight design. Strategic rib placements throughout the blade are designed to match puck impact points, providing a more stable blade structure and leading to more accurate and powerful shots.

TRUE Catalyst PX Hockey Stick (Senior)
TRUE Catalyst PX Hockey Stick (Intermediate)
TRUE Catalyst PX Hockey Stick (Junior)