Introducing the 2022 CCM Ribcor Hockey Sticks

The 2022 CCM Ribcor hockey sticks are now available and Pure Hockey has all the information you’ll need to make your purchase. Fans of CCM sticks will love what the 2022 Ribcor line has to offer, with four high-performing models suited for every level of play.

The Ribcor hockey stick line is CCM’s low-kick point family, designed for players who take quick-motion shots and prefer release speed over power. The low kick combined with the asymmetrical taper requires minimal effort to generate a lightning-quick shot. If you’re unsure which kick point fits your game best, check out our guide on How to Buy a Hockey Stick or visit your local Pure Hockey store for a full assessment from our staff.

CCM Ribcor 7 Pro Hockey Stick

CCM Ribcor 7 Pro Hockey Stick

The new CCM Ribcor 7 Pro hockey stick stays true to the proven Ribcor DNA, with CCM’s Skeleton+ technology, passed down from the Ribcor 6 stick line. Skeleton+ is a manufacturing process that allows for a lighter, more consistent build in the taper area, making for a more responsive and higher-performing stick.

A new feature in the Ribcor 7 Pro stick is the Sigma STP Carbon. This is Sigmatex’s new carbon weave, with improved durability and strength, allowing for a lighter and more balanced stick without sacrificing responsiveness and power.

The Ribcor 7 Pro also features a thin-profile blade, CCM’s Agility Blade with Peel-Ply. The Agility Blade’s soft linear stiffness helps create a whip-like flex profile for a quicker release and improved puck feel.

The Ribcor 7 Pro shaft uses an ergonomic design that offers a seamless energy transfer to maximize speed of release. To complement the shaft design, CCM includes high-performance Nanolite carbon layering material, which creates an extremely lightweight stick with impressive strength.

The CCM Ribcor 7 Pro is a versatile hockey stick designed to enhance shooting, passing, and stickhandling. While this model is built for the player who skates at least four or five times per week and needs top-of-the-line features to compete at a high level, any player, regardless of skill set or frequency of play, will appreciate the performance benefits the Ribcor 7 Pro provides.

CCM Ribcor 7 Pro Hockey Stick (Senior)
CCM Ribcor 7 Pro Hockey Stick (Intermediate)
CCM Ribcor 7 Pro Hockey Stick (Junior)

CCM Ribcor 7 Hockey Stick

CCM Ribcor 7 Hockey Stick

Like the top-of-the-line Ribcor 7 Pro, the Ribcor 7 hockey stick features a low-kick point construction for a quicker release and better feel. The Ribcor 7 also includes an ergonomic shaft design that improves energy transfer for a faster release.

The Ribcor 7 stick also inherits CCM’s Skeleton+ technology from the Ribcor 6. This manufacturing process makes for a stronger and more consistent build in the taper area, creating a lighter and better-feeling stick.

The Ribcor 7’s materials and blade construction aren’t as advanced as the Ribcor 7 Pro’s, but this stick still provides considerable performance benefits. The Agility Blade with Peel-Ply and Sigmatex material is a refined blade design that improves stick handling and puck feel. The Advanced Carbon layering technology and Sigmatex spread tow fabric in the shaft make for a durable but lightweight stick.

This year’s CCM Ribcor 7 hockey stick includes some of the same top-end features as the Pro model but at a lower price point, giving players a high-performing option at a great value.

CCM Ribcor 7 Hockey Stick (Senior)
CCM Ribcor 7 Hockey Stick (Intermediate)
CCM Ribcor 7 Hockey Stick (Junior)

CCM Ribcor 86K Stick

CCM Ribcor 86K Stick

The 2022 CCM Ribcor 86K hockey stick is designed to be a high-performing, mid-price-point stick, with many of the same features as the Ribcor 7 models.

Consistent with the higher-end Ribcor models, the Ribcor 86K stick is engineered with a quick-loading, low flex profile, allowing for faster and more accurate shots. The blade features CCM’s C6 weave for improved durability.

The Ribcor 86K stick features CCM’s E-Geometry shaft shape, which is also found in the top two price points. This ergonomic shape is designed to offer comfort and a seamless energy transfer to maximize the speed of your release.

While the Ribcor 86K lacks some of the top features such as CCM’s Skeleton+ taper, it still offers considerable performance benefits for its price point, making it a compelling option for a solid low-kick stick.

CCM Ribcor 86K Hockey Stick (Senior)
CCM Ribcor 86K Hockey Stick (Intermediate)
CCM Ribcor 86K Hockey Stick (Junior)

CCM Ribcor 84K Stick

CCM Ribcor 84K Stick

The CCM Ribcor 84K hockey stick is an excellent option for the new-to-hockey player or weekly skater who is looking for a stick that provides great value and performs well on the ice.

The Ribcor 84K stick features a different shaft shape from the rest of the Ribcor line. CCM’s square T-Geometry design gives players a traditional feel that provides great grip and control. The 84K also features CCM’s Stiff Blade, a lightweight blade with a dampened core for better feel and release speed.

While CCM built the Ribcor 84K hockey stick for players who are just starting out or who skate infrequently, casual players may want to consider upgrading to a higher-end model such as the 86K, as the performance features can still benefit less experienced players. But if you’re looking for a hockey stick at a lower price that still provides some impressive features and a quality build, the Ribcor 84K is a great choice.

CCM Ribcor 84K Hockey Stick (Senior)
CCM Ribcor 84K Hockey Stick (Intermediate)
CCM Ribcor 84K Hockey Stick (Junior)

Are you looking for a new CCM ice hockey stick? Pure Hockey carries all kinds of Ribcor sticks, as well as CCM’s Jetspeed and Tacks lines, so players can find a good option regardless of their position or playing style. Our Low-Price Guarantee promises the best deals available on everything we sell. Remember to check out our Resource Center for informative equipment and fitting guides designed to help you choose the right hockey gear.