Introducing the 2022 Bauer Supreme Mach Hockey Skates

The 2022 Bauer Supreme skates are now available at Pure Hockey, and we have the lowdown on the full lineup, highlighted by the new Supreme Mach skates.

Building on the Supreme line’s popular design and high-performing construction, Bauer continues to improve these skates with a new look, new skate tongues, and lighter boots. For good reason, Bauer Supreme skates have developed a reputation as a high-quality option suitable for practically all styles of play, and this year’s lineup is no different.

In recent years, Bauer has differentiated the performance attributes of the Supreme and Vapor skates, with new features, materials, and flex points to distinguish each skate’s on-ice performance and feel.

Supreme skates are built for power, with the lower part of the skate being stiffer for optimal energy transfer, and the upper part of the skate being softer for better mobility. The Supreme features a higher kick point to maximize strength and control, making it ideal for powerful skaters.

Bauer’s skate fitting system allows players to choose skates based on their own foot dimensions rather than the skate line. If you’re unsure which skate line fits your foot best, or you’re looking for a precise measurement and assessment, check out our guide on How to Fit Hockey Skates or visit your local Pure Hockey store.

Bauer Supreme Mach Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme Mach Hockey Skates

The latest addition to the Supreme family, the Bauer Mach skate is designed for power and versatility. The Mach line is lighter than other Supreme skates, with a larger wrap that improves lateral stability.

The Mach skate features Bauer’s AMP (Active Motion Performance) Flex technology in the facing, which is designed to improve the overall flex profile of the skate. The flex zone sits between the second and third eyelets to allow for increased forward flex through the skating stride, enhancing the skater’s range of motion.

The Bauer Mach skate also features an all-new Powercoil tongue, featuring an injected insert with faster recoil speed to help the player flex and load effectively.

Bauer’s Unibody Powerwrap stiffens the lower portion of the Mach skate to optimize energy transfers when digging into the ice and pushing into a stride. Under the Unibody Powerwrap, the Supreme Mach features a Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder, along with the ability to choose your own runner for more personalized performance.

The new Bauer Supreme Mach skates offer a great combination of new and trusted features, providing players with a pair of flexible, lightweight skates that allow for maximum agility and mobility with each stride.

Bauer Supreme Mach Ice Hockey Skates (Senior)
Bauer Supreme Mach Ice Hockey Skates (Intermediate)

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Hockey Skates

This year’s Bauer Supreme M5 Pro skates are a great option for the high-level player looking for top-end performance and comfort at a lower price than the Mach. The M5 Pro model features Bauer’s 3D Lasted Curv composite quarter package, and a composite outsole to provide extra support and maintain the high kick point for optimal energy transfer and power.

The Supreme M5 Pro skate also includes Bauer’s Comfort Edge padding to enhance lateral support and thermoformability, making for a lightweight skate with a comfortable feel. In the ankle area, the M5 Pro features AEROFOAM+ padding with a LockFit liner, which helps to wick away moisture and keep your foot locked in place. The Reflex Classic Pro 52oz tongue gives the M5 Pro skate an excellent combination of support, protection, and comfort.

In another new feature, the Supreme M5 Pro has a standard flex facing, which provides lateral stability and improves ankle mobility. The Reflex Tendon in the back of the M5 Pro will allow for even more flexibility and range of motion for better energy transfer.

This year, Bauer has added the ability to “choose your steel” on this price point: players can select their own runners, allowing for a more customized feel and performance.

The Bauer Supreme M5 Pro has all the features you’ll need to enhance your skating and overall performance on the ice. While it’s designed for performance-level players, this option can benefit any player at any level who is looking for a high-quality skate at a great value.

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Ice Hockey Skates (Senior)
Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Ice Hockey Skates (Intermediate)
Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Ice Hockey Skates (Junior)

Bauer Supreme M4 Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme M4 Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme M4 hockey skates are designed for the player who skates at least two or three times per week and wants a good balance of fit, performance, and comfort, with some of the features of the higher-end Supreme skates but at a lower price point.

The Supreme M4 skate has a 3D-lasted flex composite boot and a taller, improved LS+ runner in this year’s model. In the Junior size, the Supreme M4 features a Motion-Flex max facing technology and a LS Balance runner with a 13-foot blade profile, making it easier for kids to bend their knees and learn the skating stride.

The 48oz felt tongue includes an exposed injected metatarsal guard, while the inside of the boot has a hydrophobic microfiber liner and Bauer’s Form-Fit+ footbed. The liner provides good support, a soft feel, and moisture-wicking properties to keep your foot dry and secured in the boot. The footbed is lined with memory foam underneath for personalized comfort as soon as you step into the skate.

Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates (Senior)
Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates (Intermediate)
Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates (Junior)

Bauer Supreme M3 Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme M3 Hockey Skates

The new Bauer Supreme M3 hockey skates boast some impressive features and benefits for this price point. Most obvious is the upgraded 40oz felt tongue with a mesh metatarsal guard for better protection and more comfort.

The Supreme M3 skate features a Digi comp quarter boot and a standard symmetrical facing that provides the right combination of support and flexibility for efficient strides. Bauer also included a sublimated hydrophobic microfiber liner with memory foam padding.

At the bottom of the boot is Bauer’s Die Cut EVA footbed for good support and a comfortable feel. The Supreme M3 includes the top-of-the-line Tuuk Lightspeed EDGE holder and the S. Stainless Steel runner, an impressively durable blade for this price point.

While there are certainly benefits to purchasing a higher-end model, especially if you’re looking for advanced features to help your performance, the Bauer Vapor M3 skates still offer a quality combination of comfort and flexibility that’s ideal for the player who skates a couple times per week.

Bauer Supreme M3 Ice Hockey Skates (Senior)
Bauer Supreme M3 Ice Hockey Skates (Intermediate)

Bauer Supreme M1 Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme M1 Hockey Skates

The new Bauer Supreme M1 hockey skates are a comfortable, supportive skate for the new-to-hockey player or occasional skater who likes to hit the pond during the winter or play the occasional pick-up game.

Built from Bauer’s new 3D Poly carb quarters, the Supreme M1 boot is easy to skate on, with an outstanding look thanks to the external textures. Bauer also includes their S. Stainless Steel runner with a 13-foot radius, making it easier for beginners to balance and learn the skating stride.

The TPR outsole adds flexibility when skating, while the memory foam ankle pads add comfort inside the boot. The 30oz felt tongue features a metatarsal guard for added flex and protection.

The 2022 Supreme skate line includes well-constructed, comfortable options for all players, with the Supreme M1 catering to the newer or more occasional player who wants a solid combination of performance and style.

Bauer Supreme M1 Ice Hockey Skates (Senior)
Bauer Supreme M1 Ice Hockey Skates (Intermediate)
Bauer Supreme M1 Ice Hockey Skates (Junior)

Are you in the market for new Bauer ice hockey skates? Pure Hockey carries plenty of options for players with a wide variety of foot dimensions and personal skate preferences. Our Low-Price Guarantee promises the best deals available on everything we sell. If you’re not sure which skates are right for you, check out our guide on How to Buy Hockey Skates, or visit your local Pure Hockey store to consult with our staff.