Introducing the 2022 Bauer AG5NT Hockey Sticks

One of the most exciting new hockey sticks of the year, the Bauer AG5NT stick is now available at Pure Hockey. The AG5NT hockey stick surpasses the recent TRUE HZRDUS stick as the lightest stick on the market, due partly to the incorporation of boron in the construction. The AG5NT is the lightest and quickest-release stick Bauer has ever created.

The AG5NT is in Bauer’s low-kick point family of sticks, designed for players who take quick-motion shots, mostly shoot close to the net, and prefer release speed over power. If you’re unsure which kick point fits your game best, or you’re looking for an accurate assessment, check out our guide on How to Buy a Hockey Stick or visit your local Pure Hockey store.

Bauer AG5NT Hockey Stick

Bauer AG5NT Hockey Stick

With the all-new AG5NT, Bauer focused on optimizing the stick’s weight and durability. The Senior model weighs in at 335 grams, 40 grams lighter than the Hyperlite and 30 grams lighter than the Sync. This lighter build improves the feel of the stick and increases the overall release speed.

The AG5NT uses Bauer’s well-established Monocomp one-piece construction, but boron is bound to parts of the carbon fiber to make for a stronger stick. Boron boasts twice the compression strength and twice the stiffness compared to the highest-quality carbon fibers, so this material improves durability while reducing weight. Boron normally comes in a powder form, but Bauer has a proprietary process for converting boron to a fiber for use in hockey sticks.

The AG5NT stick blade features Bauer’s Blade Core technology and Dual Core Bridge to help increase blade recoil and pop with every touch of the puck. The AG5NT stick’s other key features are inherited from the Vapor Hyperlite: the XE Taper, DuraFlex Resin, Asymmetrical TexTreme, and Advanced Carbon Layering. These features made the Hyperlite one of the lightest, quickest, and most durable sticks on the market, so they’re a welcome return in the AG5NT.

Designed to be the quickest and lightest Bauer stick ever, the AG5NT hockey stick offers an impressive combination of weight, speed, balance, and durability. Fans of traditional low-kick Bauer sticks will be excited to try the all-new AG5NT.

Bauer AG5NT Hockey Stick (Senior)
Bauer AG5NT Hockey Stick (Intermediate)
Bauer AG5NT Hockey Stick (Junior)

Are you in the market for a new hockey stick? Pure Hockey carries the full range of Bauer hockey sticks, from the brand-new AG5NT to well-established models in the Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus lines. If you’re not sure which stick is right for you, remember to check out our guide on How to Buy a Hockey Stick or visit your local Pure Hockey store.