Introducing the 2021 CCM Super Tacks Hockey Sticks

The 2021 CCM Super Tacks hockey sticks are now available, and Pure Hockey has all the information you’ll need to buy with confidence. Fans of CCM sticks will love this year’s Super Tacks line, which features two high-performing models suited for every level of play.

The Super Tacks stick line is CCM’s high kick point family, designed for players who take a variety of shots from all over the ice and value versatility in their stick. The high kick point combines with CCM’s Skeleton+ taper to make for a more reliable and better-balanced stick. If you’re unsure which kick point fits your game best, check out our guide on How to Buy a Hockey Stick or visit a Pure Hockey store near you for an assessment from our staff.

CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Hockey Stick

The new CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro hockey stick delivers great stick feel without sacrificing on accuracy and power. Aggressive shooters will still benefit from the high kick and energy stored on all shots, while bringing more feel to other areas of their game.

The Super Tacks AS4 Pro features CCM’s Skeleton+, a manufacturing technology that allows for a lighter, more consistent build in the taper area, improving the stick’s reliability in key moments of the game.

The AS4 Pro also features CCM’s new ACUFEEL blade which was designed to achieve an ideal blend of stiffness and feel. It is still stiff enough to deliver accuracy and control, but softer than typical blades to improve overall puck feel.

The Super Tacks shaft uses CCM’s T-Shape geometry, which offers a traditional square shape design for better grip and control. The shaft also includes CCM’s Nanolite Carbon Layering, an advanced molding design that eliminates excess resin and voids. This construction improves the shaft’s quality, consistency, and durability, while reducing the overall weight of the stick.

The AS4 Pro also uses Sigmatex, a high-performance spread tow fabric made with an innovative weaving process, which offers impressive strength and resilience while keeping the stick lightweight.

The Super Tacks AS4 Pro is a versatile hockey stick, designed for both accuracy and power. While this model is built for the player who skates at least four or five times per week and needs top-of-the-line features to compete at a high level, any player, regardless of skill set or frequency of play, will appreciate the performance benefits the AS4 Pro provides.

CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Hockey Stick (Senior)
CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Hockey Stick (Intermediate)
CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Hockey Stick (Junior)

CCM Super Tacks AS4 Hockey Stick

This year’s CCM Super Tacks AS4 hockey stick includes some top-end features at a lower price point than the AS4 Pro, giving players a high-performing option at a great value.

The 2021 Super Tacks AS4 features CCM’s Carbon Matrix technology in the shaft, which was developed using cutting-edge design tools to substantially reduce weight without sacrificing durability. Like the AS4 Pro, the AS4 stick features a high kick point with a soft midsection, which allows for longer loading periods to maximize energy transfer, along with a stiffer taper zone to boost stability and response. The AS4 model also includes CCM’s T-Shape geometry, which offers a traditional square shape design giving players better grip and control.

The AS4’s materials and blade construction aren’t as advanced as the AS4 Pro’s, but this stick still provides considerable benefits. The ACU X-Stiff blade with peel-ply has a reinforced toe and heel for durability and has lightweight construction for more accuracy and control. For the composite material, CCM uses a 18K spread tow for strength and balance.

While this model is built for performance- to elite-level players who skate at least three or four times per week, the Super Tacks AS4 is another high-level option that any player at any level can appreciate.

CCM Super Tacks AS4 Hockey Stick (Senior)

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