Introducing the 2021 CCM Super Tacks Hockey Helmets

The 2021 CCM Super Tacks hockey helmets are scheduled for release on May 21, but Pure Hockey has the inside scoop before you order. Fans of CCM and the Super Tacks line are going to love what they see as this industry-leading manufacturer continues to impress with high-performing and innovative products.

CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet

CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet

The new, game-changing Super Tacks X is the first NHL-certified hockey helmet made with 3D printing technology. Instead of a traditional foam liner, the Super Tacks X features NEST (Next Evolution Sense Technology), a digitally-printed lattice liner designed for better breathability, comfort, and protection.

The NEST Tech liner’s open-lattice structure makes for a lighter-weight helmet, with increased airflow to keep your head cool and comfortable during the game. But its 3D-printed design also allows for more efficient absorption and dispersal of energy during the types of impacts that hockey players experience on the ice.

Underneath the NEST Tech liner, you’ll find D3O Smart Material on the top of the helmet and above the ears. This foam has become popular in the sports world for its impressive shock absorption qualities. In other areas of the Super Tacks X, you’ll find multi-density foams for extra protection.

The shell of the Super Tacks X is a two-piece construction with a sleek aesthetic and reinforced sides for added protection where it’s needed most.

The Super Tacks X offers a unique combination of style, comfort, and protection that sets a high bar for other 3D-printed hockey helmets that might come onto the scene.

CCM Super Tacks 210 Hockey Helmet Combo

CCM Tacks 210 Hockey Helmet

The CCM Super Tacks 210 hockey helmet represents an upgrade from the Tacks 110 helmet, highlighted by the addition of a dual-density VN and EVA foam liner for better comfort and protection. This new liner has fewer gaps for a head-hugging fit.

The geometry of the two-piece shell helps to absorb impacts from all areas. The helmet construction includes plenty of air venting, which helps to keep your head cool throughout the game.

The Super Tacks 210 helmet also features a tool-free adjustment mechanism. This system uses an occipital adjustment tool at the back of the shell, allowing you to expand and contract the helmet to give you a personalized fit.