Introducing the 2019 Warrior Alpha Hockey Gloves

Alpha Hockey Gloves

The 2019 Warrior Alpha glove line is available at Pure Hockey, so we’re giving you all the information you’ll need to make your purchase. Fans of the Alpha line will be impressed with Warrior’s commitment to offering top technologies and performance benefits built into their new gloves, with an excellent balance of mobility, comfort, and protection.

Warrior Alpha DX Gloves

Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Gloves – Senior

The new Warrior Alpha DX hockey gloves are built for protection and performance. Constructed with Dynamic Strike technology, they offer a great combination of old school traditional looks and a new school anatomical feel, with plenty of high-end features expected in a top-of-the-line model.

The Alpha DX has a hybrid taper fit, allowing the glove to contour to the natural shape of your hand. By using a classic 4-roll design and fine-tuning the fit, Warrior offers the glove style you love while maximizing mobility and overall protection. This model also includes a hybrid flex cuff which increases wrist protection from slashes and extends your range of motion, resulting in improved puck handling.

Warrior uses Impax+ in the Alpha DX, creating their most protective glove yet. This technology uses high-end VN and HD IXPE foams in the fingers and backhand for lightweight, pro-level impact resistance. Impax+ is exclusive to the top-end model, giving elite players the protection they need.

The Alpha DX gloves feature Pro Palm+ and Buttersoft technology for an unmatched feel. The advanced palm offers a great mix of stick-feel and durability, while Buttersoft consists of responsive mesh gussets and Warrior’s Axi-Flex thumb accompanied by an anatomical stretch backhand. This technology gives the Alpha gloves a snappy, game-ready feel right off the shelf.

Inside, Warrior includes their Wartech FNC liner powered by Polygiene, keeping these gloves clean and odor free while keeping your hands cool and dry.

Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves

Warrior Alpha Pro Gloves

Warrior Alpha Pro Hockey Gloves – 2019 – Senior

The new Warrior Alpha Pro hockey gloves are a Pure Hockey exclusive, designed with high-end technologies to improve every player’s on-ice experience.

Warrior uses Dynamic Strike construction in the Alpha Pro, found throughout the new Alpha line, for a classic 4-roll look combined with an anatomical feel, offering  you both style and excellent overall protection. Another protective feature in the Alpha Pro is Impax technology, which uses high-end VN foam to provide one of Warrior’s most advanced protective packages on the market.

For fit, the Alpha DX includes Warrior’s hybrid taper and hybrid flex cuff, the same as the top-of-the-line model, for a contoured fit, extended mobility, and ultimate protection.

The gloves’ palm and interior feature a combination of the top-end Buttersoft and Wartech FNC liner for a dry and ready-to-use fit, and Pro Palm technology for a simple mix of durability and feel that enhances overall control.

Available only at Pure Hockey, the Alpha Pro gloves include excellent features at a great value.

Warrior Alpha Pro Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha Pro Junior Hockey Gloves

Warrior Alpha Lite Gloves

Warrior Alpha Lite Hockey Gloves – Senior

The new Warrior Alpha Lite hockey gloves are another Pure Hockey exclusive, offering you a unique, mid-level option with some of Warrior’s most advanced features.

Top-of-the-line technologies included in the Alpha Lite are Dynamic Strike construction and the hybrid taper, offering an anatomical fit with a comfortable backhand, two-piece finger joints, and the popular 4-roll look.

For impact protection, Warrior includes premium foam with hard plastic shield inserts to help absorb contact like slashes, checks, and blocked shots.

The Alpha Lite features a black Clarino palm—a long-lasting and trusted material that is durable and remains soft and comfortable long after its first use, providing a great feel every time you hit the ice. And inside the glove, Warrior includes their strike yellow liner for dry comfort.

For the performance-level player, the Alpha Lite provides solid features at a great value, and gives you the chance to wear an exclusive glove available only through Pure Hockey.

Warrior Alpha Lite Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha Lite Junior Hockey Gloves

Warrior Alpha DX5 Gloves

Warrior Alpha DX5 Hockey Gloves – Senior

The new Warrior Alpha DX5 hockey gloves round out the 2019 Alpha line, with the right features for an entry-level, cost-conscious player who can appreciate Warrior’s commitment to comfort and protection in every glove they make.

While the Alpha DX5 is Warrior’s low price-point glove in this line, it still includes top-end construction. Like the rest of the 2019 Alpha gloves, this model uses Dynamic Strike and a hybrid taper for a classic 4-roll look and an anatomical fit which enhances overall feel and protection.

Warrior also uses premium foam with hard plastic inserts for added impact protection and the strike yellow liner for a cool and comfortable feel inside the glove.

Warrior Alpha DX5 Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX5 Junior Hockey Gloves

The 2019 Warrior Alpha line of gloves offers quality options for the elite-level skater to the beginner. With an innovative construction found throughout the line, excellent performance features in each glove, and two Pure Hockey exclusive options, Warrior ensures all players have the protection and comfort they need to perform on the ice.

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