Introducing the 2019 Warrior Alpha DX5 Protective Gear

Alpha DX5 Protective Gear

The 2019 Warrior Alpha DX5 protective gear is available at Pure Hockey, so we’re giving you all the information you’ll need to purchase your new equipment. Entry-level or casual hockey players will love the combination of comfort and protection in the Alpha DX5 protective gear—and all at a low price.

Warrior Alpha DX5 Shoulder Pads

Warrior Alpha DX5 Hockey Shoulder Pads – Senior

The new Warrior Alpha DX5 hockey shoulder pads are the lowest price-point model in the new Alpha line, but still feature the top-end Dynamic Strike construction. Warrior uses this design to offer a superior fit and solid protection for players at every level, including those who are just breaking into hockey and developing their skills.

For added protection, the DX5 includes multi-layered foams to help protect key areas like the sternum, collarbone, and kidneys. By layering the foams, Warrior is able to maintain a lightweight feel to the pads without sacrificing protection.

Warrior Alpha DX5 Senior Shoulder Pads
Warrior Alpha DX5 Junior Shoulder Pads

Warrior Alpha DX5 Elbow Pads

Warrior Alpha DX5 Hockey Elbow Pads – Senior

This year’s Warrior Alpha DX5 elbow pads include Dynamic Strike construction and a three-strap system to hold the pad comfortably against your arm while securing the bicep and forearm protection, preventing the pads from shifting and therefore providing you with the feel you’re looking for.

The protective features include lightweight forearm and bicep guards to protect your upper and lower arm from common impacts found at any level of hockey, like slashes and contact with the ice. The Alpha DX5 also includes a mesh fabric liner to keep you cool and dry while offering solid comfort throughout the elbow pad.

Warrior Alpha DX5 Senior Elbow Pads
Warrior Alpha DX5 Junior Elbow Pads

Warrior Alpha DX5 Shin Guards

Warrior Alpha DX5 Hockey Shin Guards – Senior

The new Warrior Alpha DX5 shin guards also include Dynamic Strike for that quality fit you’re looking for.  A traditional strapping system offers a trusted way to secure the shin guards to your legs, with a knee strap and calf strap to lock in the pad and to help prevent the DX5 shin guard from shifting and moving while you skate.

For protection, the lightweight calf guards and hard plastic shell covering the knee and shin disperse the force of impacts in key areas, helping to prevent injury and keep you on the ice.

Warrior Alpha DX5 Senior Shin Guards
Warrior Alpha DX5 Junior Shin Guards

The 2019 Warrior Alpha DX5 line of protective equipment is a great option for entry-level players who need the right protection and comfort from their gear so they can improve their skills with confidence. And with quality features and a new construction, the Alpha DX5 line will prove to be a popular choice.

Are you in the market for new protective gear? Pure Hockey carries a wide variety of Warrior shoulder pads, elbow pads, and shin guards for players of every age and at every level of play. And our Low-Price Guarantee promises the best deals available on everything we sell. Check out our Resource Center for informative equipment and fitting guides designed to help you choose the right hockey equipment.