Introducing the 2019 Warrior Alpha DX4 Protective Gear

Alpha DX5 Protective Gear

The 2019 Warrior Alpha DX4 protective gear is available for purchase at Pure Hockey, so we’re giving you all the information you’ll need to shop for your new equipment. The Alpha DX4 protective gear is a great choice for the performance or recreational player who is looking for quality equipment at a terrific value.

Warrior Alpha DX4 Shoulder Pads

Warrior Alpha DX4 Hockey Shoulder Pads – Senior

The new Warrior Alpha DX4 hockey shoulder pads provide solid upper body protection and good comfort. Staying consistent with the rest of the Alpha protective line, Warrior uses their Dynamic Strike construction in the DX4 for superior protection, mobility, and fit.

For added protection, the Alpha DX4 includes multi-layered foams to help protect key areas like the kidneys and spine. By layering the foam, Warrior is able to provide the right protection without sacrificing the pads’ lightweight and mobile properties. The liner in this model is a soft mesh fabric to keep you cool and comfortable while on the ice.

Warrior Alpha DX4 Senior Shoulder Pads
Warrior Alpha DX4 Junior Shoulder Pads

Warrior Alpha DX4 Elbow Pads

Warrior Alpha DX4 Hockey Elbow Pads – Senior

The all-new Warrior Alpha DX4 elbow pads use Dynamic Strike construction and a three-strap system with good bicep and forearm coverage. These technologies combine to offer solid comfort and protection while also securing your elbow to prevent the pad from shifting while you play.

The Alpha DX4 includes lightweight protection with forearm and bicep guards that help disperse energy from common hockey impacts like slashes, blocked shots, and body checks. This model also includes a comfortable mesh fabric liner for a better feel that will help keep your arms cool and dry.

Warrior Alpha DX4 Senior Elbow Pads
Warrior Alpha DX4 Junior Elbow Pads

Warrior Alpha DX4 Shin Guards

Warrior Alpha DX4 Hockey Shin Guards – Senior

This year’s Warrior Alpha DX4 shin guards include Dynamic Strike construction and a traditional strapping system, with a knee strap and calf strap for a comfortable feel and secure fit, helping to eliminate excess movement or shifting of the pads. Lightweight calf guards and Warrior’s strike yellow liner are implemented into this model to provide more protection and comfort.

Warrior Alpha DX4 Senior Shin Guards
Warrior Alpha DX4 Junior Shin Guards

The 2019 Warrior Alpha DX4 line of protective equipment offers quality features and technology for this price point. Players who skate a few times per month will appreciate the level of protection and comfort this gear provides.

Are you in the market for new protective gear? Pure Hockey carries a wide variety of Warrior shoulder pads, elbow pads, and shin guards for players of every age and at every level of play. And our Low-Price Guarantee promises the best deals available on everything we sell. Check out our Resource Center for informative equipment and fitting guides designed to help you choose the right hockey equipment.