Introducing the 2019 Warrior Alpha DX Protective Gear

Introducing the 2019 Warrior Alpha DX Protective Gear

The 2019 Warrior Alpha protective equipment is available at Pure Hockey, so we’re giving you all the information you’ll need to make your purchase. Fans of the Alpha line will love the technologies and performance benefits built into the new Warrior protective gear.

Warrior Alpha DX Shoulder Pads

2019 Warrior Alpha DX Shoulder Pads
2019 Warrior Alpha DX Shoulder Pads

The new Warrior Alpha DX hockey shoulder pads are at the forefront of advanced protective gear, with many high-level features designed to protect your upper body. With Dynamic Strike construction, these shoulder pads offer a sleek look without sacrificing protection.

The Alpha DX features Warrior’s dynamic cap and DX shell. The new, low-profile shoulder cap is designed to provide high-end mobility and a lightweight solution to maximum impact, while the shell uses compression molded EVA foam, with Warrior’s unique Shell Skin texture added in key impact zones to provide an additional level of protection.

Inside the shoulder pads, the dynamic vented internal jacket of the two-piece sternum keeps the pads light and mobile, and Warrior’s trusted Wartech FNC liner is powered by Polygiene to keep you cool and dry.

This top-of-the-line model also includes a two-timer strapping system with customizable strap lengths for a personalized fit based on your upper body dimensions.

Warrior Alpha DX Senior Shoulder Pads
Warrior Alpha DX Junior Shoulder Pads

Warrior Alpha DX Elbow Pads

2019 Warrior Alpha DX Elbow Pads
2019 Warrior Alpha DX Elbow Pads

The new Warrior Alpha DX elbow pads are constructed with Dynamic Strike for a superior fit, protection, and mobility. To complement this solid construction, Warrior uses a three-piece design for natural movement, ergonomically molded slash and bicep guards, and the top-end DX shell for that extra protection in key impact zones.

The Alpha DX also features a versatile sling wrap system which secures the elbow into the pocket for an excellent fit, and the Wartech FNC stretch sleeve—a compression-like sleeve powered by Polygiene that keeps you cool and comfortable.

Warrior Alpha DX Senior Elbow Pads
Warrior Alpha DX Junior Elbow Pads

Warrior Alpha DX Shin Guards

2019 Warrior Alpha DX Shin Guards
2019 Warrior Alpha DX Shin Guards

This year’s Warrior Alpha DX shin guards feature many of the same top-of-the-line technologies found in the shoulder and elbow pads, including Dynamic Strike construction for excellent protection and mobility; the sling wrap system for versatile strapping that secures the guard to your leg for a comfortable fit; the DX shell for impact resistance where it’s needed most; and the ultra-comfortable Wartech FNC liner powered by Polygiene.

The Alpha DX shin guards also include perforated, lightweight molded slash and calf guards for enhanced protection in vulnerable areas.

Warrior Alpha DX Senior Shin Guards
Warrior Alpha DX Junior Shin Guards

The 2019 Warrior Alpha line of protective gear goes above and beyond to offer you the mobility, comfort, and protection you’re looking for in top-end equipment. Elite-level players will love the performance benefits they receive from the new Alpha line.

Are you in the market for new protective gear? Pure Hockey carries a wide variety of Warrior shoulder pads, elbow pads, and shin guards for players of every age and at every level of play. And our Low-Price Guarantee promises the best deals available on everything we sell. Check out our Resource Center for informative equipment and fitting guides designed to help you choose the right hockey equipment.