The 2022 Pure Hockey Holiday Gift Guide

Pure Hockey has our picks for this year’s best holiday gifts for hockey players and fans. Check out our full 2022 holiday gift guide below, and shop online or visit your nearest Pure Hockey store to find the best deals on everything from sticks and skates to apparel and stocking stuffers for family and friends.

Theragun PRO Percussive Device

Best Sports Medicine & Recovery Gifts

Sports medicine and recovery products have come a long way in recent years. Theragun and Hyperice are both popular options for at-home therapy. And for extra comfort and foot support when you’re not wearing skates, the Bauer Oofos slides are a perfect fit.

Best Hockey Training Gifts

The SuperDeker remains one of the most popular hockey training aids on the market, and you can now get the new Pro model. HockeyShot is another of our favorite training aid makers, with tools like the Balance Board and Speed Deke to improve your skills.

SuperDeker Pro

Bauer Performance Hockey Goal with Backstop

Best Hockey Goals, Nets & Targets

When it comes to practicing hockey shots, there’s nothing quite like a regulation goal, and this Bauer model combines the goal with a backstop for realistic rebounds and deflections. But there’s also plenty of room for shooting targets, which are great for training and mini-games. Top Shelf Targets and SNIPES offer a couple of our favorite options.

Best Pond Hockey Gifts

Stay warm out on the pond, and keep your gear protected and dry with pond hockey bags from Bauer and Pacific Rink, along with hats, hoodies, and other outdoor apparel.

Best Hockey Apparel Gifts

The classic hoodie is always a good gift option for a hockey player, but for something more robust, the new Bauer Sail Racing Parka offers some stylish protection against the elements.

Best Mini Hockey Gifts

Mini hockey makes for a great gift option. Check out the Bauer Pro Knee Hockey Goal Set for everything you’ll need to get started, or have fun uncovering the surprise designs of Bauer’s Mystery Mini sticks.

Best Hockey Bag Gifts

Every hockey player needs a bag. The Grit HTFX models have become a go-to option for tower bags, and Pacific Rink remains a staple for classic player bags. We’re also fans of the retro look of the CCM Vintage Duffle.

Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag

Best Hockey Equipment Gifts for 2022

These are our picks for the serious hockey players on your list. From all-new, elite-level sticks like the Bauer AG5NT and the Warrior Novium Pro to cutting-edge helmets like the Bauer Hyperlite and CCM Super Tacks X, we’ve selected some of the best gear on the market that will appeal to a range of playing styles.

Bauer AG5NT Hockey Stick

This year’s brand-new AG5NT hockey stick is designed to be the lightest and quickest Bauer stick yet. The Senior model weighs in at 335 grams, 40 grams lighter than the Hyperlite and 30 grams lighter than the Sync. Fans of traditional low-kick Bauer sticks will enjoy the improved release speed and durability in the all-new AG5NT.

Bauer AG5NT Hockey Stick
Warrior Novium Pro Hockey Stick

Warrior Novium Pro Hockey Stick

The Warrior Novium Pro is an elite mid-kick stick designed for versatile players who take many different shots. The Novium Pro features Warrior’s new RLC 199 or “Revolutionary Lightweight Construction” technology, along with a new bevel taper design and an improved shaft and blade construction.

CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates

The AS-V Pro skates are designed for strong skaters, featuring the all-new “Power” model of CCM’s famous one-piece boot. Upgraded from the AS3 Pro model, this construction allows for a more efficient transfer of energy through the boot and onto the ice, making the AS-V Pro an ideal option for power skaters looking for a more explosive stride.

CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Hockey Skates
Bauer Supreme Mach Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme Mach Skates

The Mach hockey skates are the newest addition to the Bauer Supreme line. The Mach skates are notable for being lighter than other Supreme models, with a larger wrap that improves lateral stability. Other new features such as Bauer’s AMP Flex technology are designed to improve the skate’s overall flex profile, making the Mach a great option for players who want some extra mobility in a lightweight skate.


The HZRDUS PX stick replaces the TRUE A-Series line, and TRUE has continued to reduce the weight and increase the durability of their sticks without sacrificing performance: the HZRDUS PX weighs in at 345 grams, making it one of the lightest elite hockey sticks on the market. This HZRDUS PX is a great option for more advanced players who want excellent puck feel in a lightweight, low-kick stick.

CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro Hockey Stick

CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro Hockey Stick

The Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro represents the latest evolution in the CCM Ribcor family. This year’s top-end model inherits some key features from previous Ribcor models, such as CCM’s Skeleton+ manufacturing tech. Along with new features such as an improved carbon weave and a thin-profile blade, the Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro is an excellent all-around option that will appeal to regular skaters and more casual players alike.

Bauer Hyperlite Helmet

Bauer designed the Hyperlite helmet to be 20% lighter than the RE-AKT 150. Built with state-of-the-art composites and foams, the Hyperlite is extremely protective despite its light weight. This helmet checks all the boxes: it’s protective, comfortable, and stylish.

Bauer Hyperlite Hockey Helmet
CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet

CCM Super Tacks X Helmet

The Super Tacks X made a name for itself as the first NHL-certified hockey helmet made with 3D printing technology. The digitally-printed NEST lattice liner replaces the traditional foam liner, making for optimal comfort and breathability without sacrificing protection.

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Gloves

The Ultrasonics are the latest addition to the Bauer Supreme glove line. The Ultrasonic gloves build on well-known features like Bauer’s FlexLock thumb: the new Shot Boost fingers have a three-piece, split middle and ring finger to allow for greater energy transfer for more powerful shots. Combined with an ergonomic design that makes the gloves feel like an extension of the hand, the Supreme Ultrasonics offer an excellent mix of comfort, power, and feel.

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Hockey Gloves

TRUE Catalyst XP Gloves

The Catalyst XP gloves offer some of the same features found in higher-end TRUE gloves like the Catalyst 9X, but at a more competitive price point. The Catalyst XP’s feature a three-piece thumb, a flex cuff, and a classic nash palm, combining for great feel and mobility.

Are you looking for hockey-themed holiday gifts this season, or maybe a little something for yourself? Be sure to check out Pure Hockey online or visit a store near you for a full selection of hockey equipment, apparel, accessories, and other gift ideas for the hockey fans in your life.