Introducing the CCM Custom Fit System for Hockey Skates

New for 2021, CCM has launched their Custom Fit System for hockey skates, which will now allow players to choose skates based on performance features, rather than whichever line fits their foot best. CCM now offers three different fits in the Jetspeed and Ribcor skate lines, providing you with the option to pick the skate that best fits your game. To help customers transition from the traditional fit to the new Custom Fit System, Pure Hockey now offers updated size charts on our website and CCM skate scanners in our brick-and-mortar stores, so you can find the right CCM custom skate for your style of play.

The CCM 3D Fit Scanner

CCM has introduced their 3D Fit Scanner (found in many Pure Hockey stores) which provides an extremely accurate measurement of the player’s foot to determine the best possible fit. CCM offers three different fits that account for the foot’s width, depth, and instep—key factors in finding the optimal fit in a hockey skate. With these new fit types and the option of baking their skates, players can now tailor the fit of their CCM skates better than ever before.

The New CCM Skate Fits: Tapered, Regular, and Wide

The New CCM Skate Fits: Tapered, Regular, and Wide

Traditionally, players would choose a skate line like Jetspeed, Ribcor, or Tacks based on their foot size, and then navigate the widths of D and EE, but now skaters will have Tapered, Regular, and Wide fits available in both a Jetspeed and a Ribcor skate. Let’s get to know our new fits!

Tapered Fit Skates

The new Tapered fit is low-profile and narrow, similar to the former Jetspeed D width that has been popular over the years. Traditional Jetspeed users will feel at home in the new Tapered fit, which features a shallow heel pocket, low instep, and low foot volume to allow for the tightest fit around the ankle wrap and the narrowest of the three fits.

Now skaters can get the same low profile fit in the 2021 CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro and FT4 skates, as well as the 2021 Ribcor 100K Pro skate.

Regular Fit Skates

CCM’s Regular fit is designed for the mid-profile foot. The new Regular fit is similar to the former Tacks D width, which was also an extremely popular fit. Tacks users with a slightly higher instep should feel right at home in a Regular fit, as it features a mid-heel pocket, increased volume in the ankle wrap, and a wider forefoot.

This mid-profile fit is available in the 2021 CCM Ribcor 100K Pro, 90K, 88K, and 86K models, as well as the 2021 Jetspeed FT4 Pro, FT4, FT485 and FT475 models.

Wide Fit Skates

Finally, the Wide fit is designed for players who need the most volume in their skates. While it’s the least common fit, the Wide fit caters to a specific type of foot, similar to a EE size. This fit is the way to go for players looking for a deep heel pocket, a taller instep, and a wider overall skate. Now skaters can get a full-volume fit in the CCM Ribcor 100K Pro, 90K, 88K, and 86K models, as well as the Jetspeed FT4 Pro, FT4, FT485 and FT475 models.

CCM Custom Fit Conversion Chart

To help determine which size might be right for you, this fit conversion chart shows how sizes translate between some popular skate lines.

Skate Fit Width Conversion Chart
Traditional Skate WidthNew Bauer 3D FitNew CCM Fit Width
Vapor D WidthFit 1Fit 1TaperedTapered
Vapor EE WidthFit 2Fit 2RegularRegular
Supreme D WidthFit 2Fit 2RegularRegular
Supreme EE WidthFit 3Fit 3WideWide
Nexus D WidthFit 3Fit 3WideWide
Nexus EE WidthFit 3Fit 3WideWide
JetSpeed D WidthFit 1Fit 1TaperedTapered
JetSpeed EE WidthFit 2Fit 2RegularRegular
Tacks D WidthFit 2Fit 2RegularRegular
Tacks EE WidthFit 3Fit 3WideWide
Ribcor D WidthFit 2Fit 2RegularRegular
Ribcor EE WidthFit 3Fit 3WideWide

We always recommend getting fitted for new hockey skates in person. If you’re new to CCM skates, or new to hockey in general, visit one of our 50+ Pure Hockey stores to get scanned and learn which of these new fits is the right one for you!