Introducing MyBauer Custom Hockey Sticks

The only thing better than a new Bauer hockey stick is a new custom Bauer hockey stick, and Pure Hockey is the best place to order a stick or three. A custom hockey stick adds a personal touch to your game, from choosing the color to adding your name and number, but with a MyBauer custom stick, you can dial in your game with personalized flexes, grips, and curves.

The MyBauer custom hockey sticks are available in Supreme, Nexus, and Vapor models, with several color options including Team USA and Team Canada colors. The first step in customizing your stick is to select a color and design to make it your own. Instead of the standard “Nexus blue” or “Supreme gold,” you can order these sticks to match your team’s uniforms, or just get your favorite color.

Our selection of custom Bauer sticks includes Senior, Intermediate, and Junior sizes, and stick flex options for several playing styles and ages. Those larger players who choose a flex of 77 or higher will have the option to add four inches to the stick. If you’re unsure what flex rating to choose for your custom stick, check out our Pure Hockey Stick Flex Guide.

After selecting the size and flex, you can choose the exact grip and finish of your custom hockey stick. The finish is the specific texture on the stick shaft, with choices of GripTac, Matte, or Gloss. GripTac is the most popular option, with a no-slip grip finish that provides extra control. The Matte option is an ultra-smooth finish that provides no grip for those who like to move their gloves freely up and down the stick. The Gloss option is in between the two other finishes, but leans toward a smoother feel.

The grip can be either raised or flat around the shaft. Many players have a preference when it comes to the grip of their stick that might be outside the stock retail options, so a MyBauer custom stick allows you to get the feel you want in the model of your choice. With the GripTac and Gloss finishes, you can choose between four grip types:

  • Standard … a normal shaft shape.
  • Corner Tac-Spiral … features small, angled ridges for a “candy cane” texture.
  • Tactile … a slightly raised, bumpy finish designed to enhance grip and feel.
  • Under Tactile … a slightly raised, bumpy surface on the underside of the shaft along with a smooth top side.

(Note: the Matte finish is only available in a Standard grip.)

The curve or pattern of a hockey stick is a matter of personal preference, and Bauer provides a dozen different options so you can get the exact pattern you want in your MyBauer custom stick. The customizer explains each curve with the exact face, toe, lie, and player benefits. (Note: the 40-flex Junior MyBauer stick is only available in three patterns.)

The last step in creating your MyBauer stick is to personalize it with your name and number. Though there’s a 14-character limit and censorship screening, you can add a nickname or get creative to make it your own.

Once you’ve finished customizing your hockey stick, you can add it to the cart and check out right on, like any other stick. Pure Rewards members will earn rewards points with their purchase, too.

After you submit your order, a Pure Hockey custom gear specialist will contact you via email to confirm your colors, specs, and personalization. This step ensures there are no mistakes with your order and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about the stick before the order is processed.

So, if you’ve always wanted that personalized hockey stick just like your favorite NHL players, Pure Hockey and Bauer have you covered with the new MyBauer stick customizer.