‘What’s In My Bag?’ with Kyle Stevenson

Today I’m writing something a little bit different. Instead of doing a review, I decided to make this post a little bit interactive and hopefully you guys will jump in and participate. I love the fact that you guys read these posts and hope you have as much fun reading them as I do writing about gear. Being such an equipment guy, everything in my bag has some special meaning to me and most of it has been in there for a while. You all know the old question about how if the house were burning down, what would you go grab? Well, my first trip in is to get my hockey bag and the second would be to grab my golf clubs – my girlfriend is a pretty smart chick, I’m confident she could find her way out….but please, nobody tell her I wrote that!

So what’s in my bag?

Skates: Easton Stealth S-17 Custom

As I wrote in another post, I love these skates. I’m currently on my second pair. They are comfortable and perform as well, if not better, than anything I’ve ever worn. They are very light and look great. No complaints about them in three years.

Helmet:  Easton E-700 w/Oakley Pro Straight Visor

Another product that I have written a previous review for. What I will say is I wrote that review a month ago and thought that after writing it, I would go back to my old helmet. But guess what? I am still wearing it. I never thought I would seriously consider changing helmets, but the E-700 has me considering it.

Usual Helmet: Bauer 4500 w/ Oakley Pro Straight Visor

I have been wearing the 4500 since it was a Nike, I was in 8th grade when I got it and I have gone through about 6 of them for various teams. It is comfortable and looks great. Like any helmet, when worn right, it is protective. This is my favorite helmet ever made and I never thought I would change it. I haven’t worn anything since 8th grade, besides a few demos.

Gloves: Easton Synergy Custom Pro (BU and NYI)

Here’s another product that I have been wearing for quite some time. I was wearing them in high school, and was lucky enough to have them be one of my options to choose when I got to the Boston University club team. My BU gloves are now closer to the end of their lives then to the beginning and after much searching, I found a pair that were the same specs, so I bought them instantly – hence the ugly Islanders colors! The reason I like these gloves so much is the huge range of motion – I have always been a fan a nonrestrictive glove. These are really easy to move around in, soft palms, great feel on the stick and are really protective.

Elbow Pads: Jofa 9025

These things are classic! I’ve had them forever, to the point that I need to tape them on because the straps are so stretched out. I have tried to replace them and the replacements didn’t last a month. They have almost nothing to them – no bicep pad, no fancy material – just some hard plastic and a forearm wrap. They aren’t the most protective things in the world and – cards on the table – I’ve hit bare elbows when they move during a fall and I’ve also  taken a couple slashes that they didn’t really help me out on, but I wouldn’t trade the mobility they offer for anything.

Pants: Nike Pro BU 

Until I got to BU, I had worn only Tackla girdles from 7th grade through High School. I hadn’t considered going back to pants, until about halfway through freshman season when I made the switch. These Nikes are just stripped down, again no bells and whistles, just padding and some breathable inside material. Incase you haven’t caught on to how I generally pick my equipment; mobility is the first thing I look for. These have a lot of it.  They are a really simple two-piece pant, like most pro pants, the upper and lower are two totally separate pieces, which is why you see a lot of NHL guys with totally different color kidney pads from the rest of the pant – its usually not a shell. It is kind of a shell, the difference is the pads are in it and the whole thing snaps into the upper piece.

Shin Pads: Easton S-19 Shin

This is the piece of equipment that it has taken me the longest to finally replace. Up until my Junior year of college, I wore 13” Bauer Vapor 10 Shin pads. Not the lower model, the actual pad (which I got in 8th grade) from when Vapors only went up to the number 10. I tried on everything, but I could never find a pair of shins that my leg sat deep enough in and nothing contoured to my leg right. I finally tried the S19 and they sat like I wanted them to, felt comfortable and didn’t move around on my legs as I skated. The S19’s are really comfortable and a lot more protective than my Vapor 10’s. The only issue I have with these is the hard plastic calf wrap, which occasionally catches on the tendon guard of my skate. Other than that, they are great pads.

Shoulder Pads: Farrell H600

I have now moved on to the ranks of men’s leagues and have abandoned shoulder pads, but when I was playing contact, I was wearing the Farrell H600’s. Great pads all around, completely nonrestrictive, light and extremely protective. A great pad all around.

Two other things I want to write about are some equipment that I want. The first is the piece of current equipment I would try if money was no object. If that were the case, I would definitely want to try The Warrior Franchise gloves. I have loved those since they came out and have always wanted a pair.

The last thing is what one piece of equipment that I have had but no longer do – lost it, outgrew it, broke it – that I wish I could have back in new condition. The first thing that comes to mind is the Warrior Mac Daddy sticks. I loved those things. They lasted forever and performed great. The color was pretty outrageous, but they were one of the best looking sticks for spray painting the bottom black.

So here’s where it gets interactive – I love that you guys take the time to read my posts, and I want to hear from you. Respond either in the comments section below or to the Pure Hockey Facebook page. I will post these three questions to you:

1) What’s currently in your bag? (no need to elaborate, just a list)
2) Disregarding price, what is the one thing you would want to have in your bag?
3) What is the one thing you used to have, that you would want back if you could get it in new condition?

Let’s hear it!!!!!

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