MAP Restrictions – What Are They?

MAP Restrictions - online shopping

Explaining MAP Restrictions

Online shopping makes life easier on many consumers and retailers, but when dealing with MAP Restrictions it can be a complicated process for both as well. MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price, which is exactly what it sounds like. It refers to the lowest price that we, the retailer, can advertise the product for. This number is set by the manufacturer and can not be negotiated on our end. This is a bit complicated for the retailer, as well as the consumer because products have MAP life-cycles which create some confusion around sale times.

For example:

  • We bought stick X from the manufacturer a year ago that is still covered by their MAP Policy, and stick Y two years ago which is no longer covered by MAP.
  • We now want you to know that we can now sell you stick Y for much less.
  • We have to say “Not Valid on [insert Manufacturers A, B, and C] Products covered by MAP”  so that people don’t think that stick X is also on sale.
  • You don’t want to buy from our sale anymore because it seems like the best gear isn’t valid.
  • You miss out on a top-of-the-line sale because of our ad disclaimer calling out MAP Restrictions.

You don’t want this to happen and neither do we, so we’ve added a feature to our website to help you out when deciding whats on sale and what isn’t.

Map Restrictions at Pure Hockey

Whenever you see a message that says, “This item is not eligible for promotions, sales, or discounts”, that means that it can not be included in the sale because of the manufacturer’s MAP Policy. Violating this policy could land us in trouble with vendors, so this message is a must.

One confusing part about understanding MAP for the consumer is that it refers explicitly to advertising. Minimum Advertised Price not Minimum Sale Price. The difference here is that a retailer can actually sell the product during a sale, they just can not advertise that it is included in the sale. Since a product listing online is considered “advertising”, we are forbidden from displaying a discounted price. In the store – at the cash register is a different story. A customer can walk into a Pure Hockey store and be pleasantly surprised that the sale that they saw online (which had all those MAP Restrictions) actually applies to much, much more once you are inside the store.

One thing that we can do as a retailer is offer you a page of products that we KNOW are not MAP Restricted, and we do that here. But if you are ever wondering about whether or not our sale applies to the gear you want, give our customer service team a call at 866-787-3462 and they would be more than happy to help you out!



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