Warrior QR1 Stick – The Quickest Release Yet

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Warrior is touting the QR1 stick as their “fastest, lightest stick ever” so we decided to have several members of the Pure Hockey team put it to the test. Their reviews are rather impressive, but before we get to that, let’s go over the nitty gritty and see what exactly Warrior did to get to the final QR1.

Developing The QR1 Stick

In designing the QR1, Warrior set out to develop a product that lowered release times to help players get the puck off their stick as quickly as possible. This lower release time offers the puck carrier an advantage because opposing defenders and goaltenders have less time to react to a pass or shot.

Warrior worked with a leading university to study the energy transfer process in modern hockey sticks during a shot. After countless hours of research and testing Warrior was able to pinpoint the key areas of the stick and fine tune the new QR1 stick to ensure the quickest release possible. Check out the features that make this possible and the other benefits of the QR1 Stick below.

Warrior QR1 Benefits

  • Precision Loop
    • Thinner, laser cut carbon layers are wrapped more precisely to offer less overlap for a stronger, lighter stick.
  • Corner Impact
    • Warrior reinforced the corners on the QR1 stick to double impact strength without adding weight.
  • Etched 7 Carbon Fibers
    • The carbon fiber in the Warrior QR1 is permanently bonded to maximize strength and ensure long-term durability. This is achieved through the size of the fibers so that there is more strength per square inch when they are combined. This carbon fiber is also lighter than other forms.
  • Dagger T2 Taper
    • The QR1 Stick uses this super-low kickpoint to aid in a fast release.
  • True1 Construction
    • Warrior uses this production method to create a true one-piece stick, which is lighter and better balanced. The QR1 also features a more even flex because the stick flexes as a whole.
  • TwinSpar 45
    • To reduce pressure on the foam blade core Warrior is using TwinSpar 45 technology to stiffen the internal carbon structures in the area where the shaft meets the blade. This also improves puck feel on the player’s hands.
  • CorTex Grip
    • The Warrior QR1 stick features a tacky grip as well as a raised texture on the corners of the shaft. This offers optimal grip situations for both passing and shooting.

The QR1 is also one of the lightest sticks to come through our stores, weighing in at just 406 grams. See how that stacks up against the competition over at our Stick Weigh Station.

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Warrior QR1 Stick Reviews

Pretty exciting, right? We felt the same way, so we decided to get these sticks into the hands of a number of employees for a test drive. Check out what each of them had to say about these sticks in the QR1 Stick Reviews below…

Bryan Feener – Medford, MA Store Manager:

I thought the QR1 was amazing. Hands down the best feeling stick I have used. As soon as I got on the ice I started stick handling and I could feel the puck so much better. It had great control. Once I started shooting the release was so quick, it had great control as well as unbelievable feel. One of the best things about the QR1 stick was the grip on the shaft. It was not to tacky but the right amount of grip and it has a raised texture on the corners that allows you to get a good feel for the stick. I also liked how stiff the blade is. I have had it for almost a month now and I am still getting the same feel and pop that I was getting on day 1.

Anthony Gumina – Bridgeville, PA Store Manager:

As someone who hasn’t used Warrior sticks since around 08/09 with the Kronik and MacDaddy, due to average performance and a quick breakdown, I am completely sold on the new Warrior Covert QR1 stick. On a performance side, after using it at a couple stick times and 5 games I can honestly say that it legitimately has the quickest release on a shot, which is near effortless. While the QR1 is the traditional black its blue and orange hi-lites would definitely have some pop to it to make it stand out from the rest of sticks on the rack. This thing looks good.

Rick Stuart – Nashua, NH Store Manager:

My first reaction when grabbing this stick out of the box was the amazing colors. The Miami Dolphins orange and teal really popped off the black. The stick had the perfect grip; not too tacky but also not too grippy like some of Warrior’s other sticks. The balance on the stick felt great; an extremely light construction with a nice slightly bottom heavy feel. On ice the stick felt amazing with the puck on it. In terms of feel one of the best one piece composites I have used. Receiving passes and stick handling felt closer to a two piece wood blade construction then a traditional one piece. The low kick point on the stick really fires the puck off quickly. I felt that the stick was great for quick wrist shots and snap shots but when winding up for a slap shot it left more to be desired. This stick is ideal for the player looking to snap off quick wrist shots, snap shots, and have superior feel on the puck. It really embodies that quick release feel.

Margaret Cairol – Amherst, NY Store Manager:

The stick feels very light and well balanced. Good feel to it, and nice pop when shooting. A little bit of adjustment because it was a different flex point than what was being used prior. Haven’t used long term, but seems like it will be durable. Can feel a little bit more of a flex with this stick when receiving and accepting passes, but I got used to that. Decent stiffness in the blade, but not a huge fan of the curve chosen. Overall really happy with the stick, would recommend over some previous sticks used including One90 and Stage 2.

Gary Deisher – Fairfield, NJ Assistant Store Manager:

Overall the new QR1 is a very well balanced stick. The low kick point allows for an extremely quick release that has the puck fly off the stick. This is great for the person who likes to quickly grab the puck and release, however if you lean heavily on the stick when you shoot it tends to feel very whippy, almost a full flex level lower. There is much more recoil on this stick than any other stick I have previously used. The overall puck feel of the stick is very similar to Bauer sticks and gives you a true sense of exactly where the puck is on your stick without having to feel it all the way up the shaft of the stick.

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