Warrior Dynasty Hockey Stick Preview

We just got our hands on one of these babies, the Warrior Dynasty hockey stick, due out in the second week of October. The Dynasty replaces the Dolomite, a very good stick in and of itself. As you can see, it’s pretty sharp-looking.

So…..what’s new? Well, the first and most notable thing is probably Warrior’s new Axy Sym technology, which is an enhanced build on the shaft, particularly down low. Warrior went and added compression fibers to the back side of the shaft and when loaded, this causes the front to stretch more. As Warrior puts it, “more stretch equals more release” and “the puck is released faster with no energy loss.” They have also designed these differently for lefties and righties, to spring the force directionally. That’s pretty interesting.

The Dynasty has a lot of what Warrior’s traditional top-of-the-line sticks have – Multi-Bias fiber for added durability, Carbon Elite construction and the precision taper for optimal flexibility. You also get the D-Lite blade core found on the Widow.

As I hold this thing in my hand (it’s a 100 flex), it feels pretty unique. It’s not the sticky grip of a grip stick, nor is it overly smooth, like a traditional matte. It feels almost like a smooth rubber. They call this their “Slick Grip” technology and they’ve plopped a little extra grip onto the back-hand and bottom of the shaft (the Nipple Grip raised edges). By the way, this thing is LIGHT at 435 grams – that’s lighter than S19’s, EQ50’s and other top of the line twigs.

There is a definite stiffness in the one I have here – it feels a teeny bit more stiff than other 100 flexes I’ve held in the past, that is the Axy Sym technology at work. Keep in mind I am partial to flexes in the 85-90 range, though. Since I just got this thing here in the office, I haven’t tried it on the ice, either. I can tell you that when I took it for a quick spin on cement, it felt very very good and had good pop on shots.

The Warrior Dynasty will be available here at PureHockey.com around October 13. Watch for it! Here’s some more pics, shot on my IPhone:


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