Warrior Dolomite Hockey Stick Review

I have been using the Warrior Dolomite for about four years now (through several models, the HD, DD, Spyne, etc). I have to give major credit to Warrior over the years for creating a great stick and incredible consistency with the Dolomite; this stick has remained fundamentally the same for the majority of the time it has been out. How much do you hate it when you fall in love with a stick and by the start of the next season, the newest model is out and suddenly your favorite is gone? Well, its happened to me quite a bit and I hate getting used to new sticks! When I step on the ice, I want to know how the stick is going to feel from the first shot.  Warrior has allowed me to do that, with the Dolomite, adding a few minor tweaks along the way. Every time I pick up a Dolomite, I know just about exactly how it’s going to feel – and that is a great feeling.

Admittedly, there are newer sticks that have a quicker release or a slightly softer feeling blade than the Dolomite, but the difference is so small that I side with the consistency and the stick that I know. It always feels good shooting and handling the puck.

As far as the shaft goes, it is one of the more comfortable ones I have ever had in my hands. I remember telling an old coach of mine about how a store didn’t have my curve, how I had to buy the stick in a bind – and how annoying it was. He promised me that all I needed to do was to find a shaft that felt comfortable for me and I would get used to whatever curve was on the end. When he told me that, I was about 12, using a classic Sherwood 5030! Looking back now, he couldn’t have been more right. Switching curves takes a bit of getting used to, but after a couple of practices, you’re there. I guarantee it will take a lot longer to really feel comfortable with a new shaft with a different flex, shape and kick-point!

Guys in the locker room often look at my curve and ask me how in the hell I ever hit the net, never mind how do I put the puck where I want it. My answer is simple: I use that big toe curve to my advantage. It’s much quicker to get off a snapshot when its coming from the toe and only having to go a couple inches versus the puck moving from the heel all the way to the toe. The toe curve allows me to corral the puck on shots and get it off accurately with less wind up. The curve definitely took some getting used to on the first handful of shots, but the advantage controlling the puck is huge. I feel much more comfortable with the puck in tight to my skates. It also lets me make a quick toe-drag without too much movement to let the D-man read it.

Overall, I still love the Warrior Dolomite, its going into my stick Hall of Fame someday along with that old 5030 and the Bauer Vapor XXX. Warrior was smart enough to build a great stick and stick with it. If its not broke, don’t fix it! And just let me keep using the damn thing!

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