Top Hockey Product Reviews – March 2016

hockey product reviews - march

If you don’t know by now, we are actually PAYING you for your opinion! Well, it’s not as simple as that, but you can still make money for simply reviewing your Pure Hockey purchases online. Each month we will select five of the best hockey product reviews from our website for recognition, and one lucky reviewer will even win a $50 Pure Hockey gift card. Below you will find the best of March, along with our first gift card winner!

Gift Card Winner

1. CCM Ultra Tacks Senior Shin Guardsccm shins - hockey product reviews

Great Protection and Fit

“These are not a low profile shin pad, and if you are looking for that I would check out the RBZ line. These are designed for protection and offer great calf wrap protection as well. The padding in the shins is thick and deep and does an excellent job of protecting your legs from pain and discomfort from shots and falls. The Wrap Strap does an amazing job of keeping the shins on your legs without the need of tape. My only complaint is that pucks on the inner knee hurt a lot. I feel there could be thicker padding here and the use of D3O on the inner and outer portion of the knee would be extremely beneficial.”

Review by Matt on 3/2/2016 – Congrats on winning $50 to Pure Hockey, Matt!

Honorable Mentions

2. Easton Synergy 20 Sr Shoulder Padseaston shoulders - hockey product reviews

Quality shoulder pads at a great price

“These definitely do the job. They look sharp, (not that anyone can see them under your jersey) but if you get hit with a stick or puck or inadvertent hit they will definitely protect you. Fits well on me and I am 6 feet 220. Would fit someone smaller as well, the velcro securely fastens everything very well so there is no unwanted movement.”

Review by Nick on 3/21/2016

3. Bauer Vapor APX2 Intermediate Hockey Stickbauer sticks - hockey product reviews

Long lasting pop

“I’ve had this stick for over three months now and it’s been great. I’ve been using it almost every other day and the pop is still like it’s brand new. I love the low kick point to get quick shots off and score more goals. I have experienced some chips in the paint but no cracks or dents. I have noticed that the blade has softened up a little lately but I still have great feel and amazing power out of it. ”

Review by Aidan on 3/8/2016

4. Bauer Vapor APX2 Senior Composite Bladebauer replacement blade - hockey product reviews

A fine blade

“Nobody uses 2-piece setups anymore, so there isn’t much choice in replacement blades these days. Luckily this model is solid, light, and durable. I have gotten a full season (plus) out of one of these blades, so I went ahead and bought another 2-piece setup as a backup. I may never have to buy a stick again if the trend holds up. Highly recommended.”

Review by Jordan on 3/23/2016

5. CCM RBZ 110 Senior Hockey Pantsccm pants - hockey product reviews

Great pants! Great price!

“A great hockey pant!  Nice thick padding in these pants but it’s not bulky so your range of motion is uninhibited.  The zippered legs are a nice feature. I use them more for ventilation. Unzipping them on warm days playing pond hockey.  I would definitely buy these again.  At this sale price $41, these pants are a steal! Also, Pure Hockey had free shipping and these pants arrived the next day!”

Review by Andy on 3/28/2016

There you have it. That is how easy it is to win yourself $50 to Pure Hockey. You can start reviewing your purchases now, and be sure to check back in May for who won this month’s prize! If you haven’t written a review before, make sure to follow these steps:

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