Top Hockey Product Reviews – April 2016

hockey product reviews

If you don’t know by now, we are actually PAYING you for your opinion! You can make money for simply reviewing your Pure Hockey purchases online. Each month we are selecting five of the best hockey product reviews from our website, and one lucky reviewer will even win a $50 Pure Hockey gift card. Below you will find the best reviews of April!

Gift Card Winner

1. CCM RBZ Jr. Hockey Elbow Padshockey product reviews

RBZ Elbow Pads

“Recently bought a pair of these elbow pads for my son. He had been wearing the CCM RBZ 130’s but wanted something that offered more mobility without sacrificing protection…he loves these! They offer him a better fit than the 130’s and says they are way more comfortable! He prefers the CCM protective products and these elbow pads did not disappoint! Got them for a great price and super fast shipping too! Pure Hockey is my go-to store for all our hockey gear!!”

Review by Paul on 4/14/2016 – Congrats on winning $50 to Pure Hockey, Paul!

Honorable Mentions

2. CCM Tacks Grip Int. Hockey Stickhockey product reviews

So good I bought a 2nd one

“Really did not expect this to perform the way it did. Puck feel was fantastic – and the blade was not pingy at all (which I prefer). The stick can handle hard passes really well without the puck bouncing off the blade. Helped my shot a bit as well – but the highlights for me are blade and puck feel for sure. After playing with this for a month or so, I re-ordered another one for back up.”

Review by Kenneth on 4/25/2016

3. Bauer Supreme One.6 PHC Jr Hockey Gloveshockey product reviews

Solid gloves

“I picked these gloves up for my son because his team is changing from navy equipment to maroon.  These gloves are good, I wouldn’t say great.  My son likes the feel of them and started using them in spring hockey pick up games already.  There is more coverage over his wrists than what he’s use to, but it doesn’t bother him.  The protection is right where I would expect.  Great purchase at the price paid now on sale.  If I paid full price for them, I’d be ranking at 4 stars max.”

Review by Kevin on 4/08/2016

4. Bauer Supreme One.6 Custom Sr. Hockey Gloveshockey product reviews

Basic gloves

“Bought to replace a 12 year old pair of Easton’s. While there is nothing wrong with them, they are just very base model. There are no frills or added wrist and forearm protection. They seem very narrow with somewhat shallow fingers. Definitely getting what you pay for. Would make a great outdoor or roller hockey pair that you don’t mind if they messed up.”

Review by Jeremy on 4/08/2016

5. Warrior Dynasty Maxx Grip Jr. Hockey Stickhockey product reviews

Fantastic stick from Warrior!

“My son has loved shooting with this stick since the moment he touched it.  He said it has a great feel, flex and he especially likes the grip.  He thought the colors and graphics were cool and loves that he is using a Warrior stick like some of his favorite hockey players.  I do think his shot has improved with this stick and definitely his confidence.  As the parent, I also really liked the great price offered by Pure Hockey!”

Review by Thomas on 4/28/2016

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