This Old Hockey Bag: CCM Leather Gloves

Welcome back! For this week’s installment of “This Old Hockey Bag,” I want to throw it back to a time when gloves were actually made from real leather. For some of you Millennials, you may not remember these days, but there are subtle reminders of hockey’s glory days, even today. Let’s throw it back to CCM leather gloves.

Recreating the “CCM Leather Gloves” or “CCM Leathers”

This past weekend, we saw the NHL’s stadium series head outdoors to the State of Hockey: Minnesota. The alumni game was one of the hottest tickets in town, with past stars such as ccm leather gloves - stadium seriesBroten, Modano, Ciccarelli, Roenick and Savard lacing them up again. Just to see those guys out there in the old Chicago and North Stars jerseys was awesome. What stood out most to me though was the classy touch: the return of the tan CCM leather gloves! Well, at least it looked that way. Every alumni player wore leather or tan colored gloves. This was a true throwback to the look of the 1960-1970’s, when hockey gloves were constructed of just leather and were one color: tan. We all know that these are 2016 gloves, just colored as the original CCM leather gloves, but it brought back memories. The days of the 6” cuff, tied with a lace, nothing but leather and cowhide. Players used to soak these gloves in water just to get them to move and be flexible.

The Original Leather Hockey Gloves

Some of the first gloves ever worn in hockey were made of cowhide or leather, and the NHL and CCM teamed up to bring that look back. Using the 4-roll pro style glove made the nostalgia for CCM leather gloves even more real. I wish someone would’ve gone with a high cuff but just having the mustard return to the game was a sight to see.

CCM leather gloves - new age

When I was younger, I was in love with this classic look. I had to have a pair of “vintage” colored gloves. In 1999, I got my hands on a sweet pair of Eagle hockey gloves with this leather color. I stilleagle leather hockey gloves have them today and will break them out every now and again, even though the palms are on their way out.

I think paying homage to the equipment and gear of the past is something that gets overlooked in hockey and in most sports for that matter. Being a fan is not only knowing about what’s going on now but also knowing about how we go here and who brought us to this moment. I love that CCM went old-school with these, and the players looked awesome. I hope CCM started a trend that brings back vintage-looking gear.

leather hockey glovesYou can check out the most modern CCM glove lines here, but if you are looking for a pair of classic CCM Leathers, you are going to be out of luck.

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2 Comments on This Old Hockey Bag: CCM Leather Gloves

  1. I love the retro look as well. Montréal did this a few years back as well with their centennial jerseys. I picked up a pair of mustard colored Easton’s that year and like your Eagles, I only break them out from time to time as I want to keep em around as long as I can!

  2. I loved those gloves worn in the North Stars/Hawks alumni game. Thought CCM might have a limited release as I would love to get my hands on a pair.

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