Team Canada Olympic Hockey Gear Breakdown

Our exploration into what brand Olympic hockey players are wearing continues! Today we are taking a look at the full roster from our friends to the north. Team Canada.

Oh, Canada

Overall, Bauer once again leads the way on Team Canada, with 47.7% of the gear being worn in Sochi, over 2.5 times more than second place Easton who came in at 18.2% of the total gear worn. In hockey skates, Bauer led the way with a dominant 72.7% share, followed by Reebok at a distant 18.2% and CCM, worn by 9.1% of players.  Sticks are a lot closer but Bauer still takes the gold here at 36.4%. Easton is right there, though, at 31.8%, while Reebok and Warrior come in at 18.2% and 13.6% respectively.

Team Canada Gear

Jumping to gloves, once again there is a more even spread, but Bauer leads again at 31.8%. There is, however, six brands of gloves represented here, the most of any category. In 2nd was Easton, followed by Reebok, Warrior and CCM in that order. Winnwell came in last, with one pair, the gloves Rick Nash will be wearing during the games. Finally in helmets, Bauer came in with 50% of the total, followed by CCM at 22.7%, Easton at 18.2% and Reebok at 9.1%.

Goal-line to Goal-line Gear

Looking to positional breakdowns, among forwards Bauer again takes the majority, garnering 53.5% of players. In second place came Reebok at 21.4% followed up by CCM 12.5%; Easton 8.9%; Warrior and Winnwell both tying with 1.8%.  On defense, the battle was a lot closer, but surprise – Bauer still won with 37.5%. Easton almost caught them, equipping 34.4% of Canada’s hockey backline. Warrior will be providing 15.6% of their gear while Reebok and CCM both finish with 6.3% of players.

In net, goal gear was split into Pads, glove, blocker, sticks and skates and then totaled up per brand. Reebok absolutely dominates, at 60% of the 3 Canadian goalies gear. CCM came in with 33.3% of gear, while Graf finished with 6.7%. We will have many more of these gear breakdowns leading up to the games so keep checking back and click here to download the full size version of Team Canada Olympic Hockey Gear Breakdown!!


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