Easton RS Hockey Skate Review

By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing

Having fallen in love with my S-17 skates over the past few years, I get excited whenever Easton is releasing a new skate model. I got to demo the EQ50’s just prior to their release a couple seasons back and I was pretty let down. They were real bulky and not particularly comfortable. This doesn’t mean EQ50 skates are bad for you, they just didn’t work for me.  So when the RS hockey skates were coming out, I tried to keep my expectations in check a little bit. Having said that, I can tell you that after a couple of game in them, they are my next pair of skates. I knew it after wearing them for about an hour.

The RS skate impressed me right out of the box. It is a real sleek, sharp looking skate. They were really comfortable as soon as I put them on – and yes, I caught some crap for wearing them around the office the rest of the day, but hey, I was excited and they were that comfortable.

When I first laced them up for a game, I didn’t tie the top eyelet, mostly out of habit. I do this to allow myself some more forward flex, as I don’t like when a skate is so stiff that it restricts my stride going forward. Within minutes of hitting the ice, I could tell there was too much play in the ankle for this. The RS has a lower profile and once I tied it to the top, it was perfect – a great amount of forward flex, combined with excellent lateral stiffness and response. I love a stiff skate and the RS is stiff and responds great on strides.

I’ve been getting high ankle cuts on my last couple pairs of skates from abrasion on tight/hard turns, so Easton’s new comfort edge feature really interests me. I like the idea of that type of protection and it has been a great addition to skates like the TotalOne and TotalOne NXG, even though I haven’t truly been able to test how effective the feature is.

On the back end of the skate, Easton put in a new injected tendon guard that is very strong and helps your foot to recoil on strides. You can really feel the extra support. On the inside of the skate, Easton added extra foam padding inside the tendon guard for a little extra comfort. Although I am used to a much thicker felt tongue, the RS’s felt tongue is really comfortable and has no signs of lace bite. There is also a little extra padding in the front, in case you take a slapshot  off the laces.

New to the RS skate is Easton’s Giro SuperNatural Fit footbed system. This comes with three sizes of adjustable arch inserts. This is a good idea, but in practice is a little gimmicky, there doesn’t feel like there is a big difference between the smallest and largest inserts.

My main issue with the skates is the Razor Bladz elite runner. The holder itself is great, it is very stiff, responsive and extremely light. The Elite steel runner is the issue, it’s just too weak for me. I can feel it give and bow as I make tight turns or hard stops. Remember, though, issues with blades are very personal and subjective – the Elite runners may be just fine for you, this is really a personal thing with me.

Overall the RS skate really really impressed me – I really love it. Barring some ridiculous new unannounced skate being released, the RS will be my next skate.

Have a look and order yourself some right here.

…..and here’s my video review:

Bauer Nexus 600 Limited Edition Hockey Skate Preview

By Jeff Copetas, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce

As you may imagine, one of the things we like the most around here is when someone from Bauer, Reebok, Easton, etc come into the office with bags and bags of new and upcoming gear for us gawk at. It’s definitely one of the better parts of the job. Often times, we see this stuff months before the product is mass-produced (and yes, way before ModSquad or whatnot) and believe me, it takes all the fortitude I have to not snap I-Phone pics of everything and post them everywhere so you can see the stuff early too! Nonetheless, we are bound by confidentiality agreements with all these vendors, so we abide by them. Because we’re nice.

So when the legal gates fly open and we can show you pictures of stuff, well, that’s fun, man! Today is no different. There is a lot of buzz out there about Bauer introducing a third line into the product cycle, an addition to the Supreme and Vapor line, called Nexus. The Nexus line of product was recently on display at the Let’s Play Hockey show in St. Paul, MN, so a lot of people out there got to see the standard line of gear coming and Bauer is starting to let it fly on the internet as well – the images are obviously getting around.

But on the outskirts of the core Nexus line is some Nexus stuff that only Pure Hockey will offer. We do this on occasion – we will work with Bauer to come up with some cool variations on product and because of our size, they’ll make it for us! For example, the all-white Bauer 4-Roll gloves are something that only Pure Hockey carries and many of you have spoken with your wallets – we appreciate that, of course – but the real fun is conceptualizing the alternative look and then actually seeing it! It’s a cool feeling. The S19 Pure stick from Easton was a huge hit as well, with many NHL’ers using that stick.

So it’s with great excitement that we give you a little sneak peek of the Nexus 600 Limited Edition skate. This will ONLY be available at Pure Hockey. Here’s the picture, in all its beauty – you can spin baby around with your mouse and see it from all angles (and you can tile it up and down with your mouse too). Have a look (specs are below the picture):

Here’s some quick specs on the skate:

Upper Features:

Quarter Package: variable stiffness Compression-molded EVA with performance nylon

Lining Material is hydrophobic performance-woven liner

Heel Support is a patented anatomical heel/ankle support

It also has anaform ankle pads, the tongue is white 2-piece felt with a molded metatarsal guard and the footbed is Bauer’s FORM-FIT+ with grip, moisture management and heel stabilizer.

Lower Features:

The outside is a full fiber composite and the stock blade runners/holder are TUUK Lightspeed 2 with TUUK super stainless steel runner.

We don’t have an exact release date on these, but we can tell you it should be sometime early July if everything works out right. We hope this has you as excited as us! Check back here for more info on upcoming releases and other fun stuff.