Pure Hockey Stick Challenge Scoreboard

We’ve reached 15 videos in our very popular Stick Challenge video series, so we figured it was time to compile a little update and show you what players have been picking. Participants have included players from the Southern New Hampshire University men’s hockey team, the Boston Jr. Bruins, Burlington (Mass.) High School seniors and a player out at the Let’s Play Hockey Expo in Minnesota.

The sticks we’ve used in all 15 videos thus far are the Bauer Vapor APX2, the Warrior DT1-LT, the Easton V9, the Sher-Wood EK-15 and the CCM RBZ Stage 2. As mentioned in our original post about the Stick Challenge, Some sticks that had to be eliminated from the competition were the Easton V9E and the Reebok Ribcor – their distinctive tapers or shaft shapes make them too easy to identify. (Check out the bottom of this post for the full YouTube playlist of the videos so far.)

What Sticks Are The Players Using?

In terms of what players were currently using before trying out these sticks, Bauer led the way with seven. Five players called Reebok their current twig, two were using Easton and one was using Sher-Wood. These are spread among multiple models for each given brand, but for the sake of keeping score here, we are grouping them by the brand.

The Most Popular Hockey Stick Choices

The results so far have been pretty surprising and there have been no real runaway winners. All the blank sticks we offered have been chosen at least once. The current leader is the Warrior DT1-LT, having been chosen 5 times. The Bauer Vapor APX2 is in a close second, picked 4 times, followed by the Easton V9 (3), the Sher-Wood EK-15 (2) and the CCM RBZ Stage 2(1).

– – Current Stick Challenge Scoreboard – – 

Warrior DT1-LT


Bauer Vapor APX2


Easton V9


Sher-Wood EK-15


CCM RBZ Stage2


What we really found interesting are the players who previously used one brand and then picked another – this occurred with the majority of the players. For example, of the seven players who told us they used Bauer sticks, for example, just three picked Bauer after using the blank ones we provided.

Also, only two players were using Easton at the beginning and after testing blank sticks, both those players preferred a new brand. Sher-Wood only had one current user of the 15 players and that player chose the Warrior DT1-LT.

What Sticks Are People Switching To?

On the other side, were did each brand’s ‘wins’ come from? Warrior was chosen five times and of those five, two had been Bauer users, two jumped from Reebok and one from Sher-Wood. Bauer was picked by 4 players and as mentioned, three of them were current Bauer stick users. The last switched from Easton.

Easton did steal a player back however, with one player who had been a Bauer user choosing Easton as well. Easton’s other two wins were both formerly Reebok users. Sher-Wood was chosen twice, one player switching from Reebok and one from Easton. CCM’s lone convert came over from being a Bauer user.

Have any of the results surprised you? What brand do you currently use? Do you think you’d be able to tell your current stick if you had to choose from 5 or 6 blank ones?

Check out the current bank of Stick Challenge videos below, or check out the original post to find out more about this competition.

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