Pure Hockey Skate Weight Database

hockey skate weight database
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Here’s how we record hockey skate weight:

  • Skates are weighed-in at Pure Hockey HQ.
  • All weights are displayed in grams.
  • All skates are final-production models, not prototypes.
  • Skates are laced, have insoles and all accessories
    • For example, a tongue insert
  • Skates weighed are Senior size 8D.

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Release YearBrandModelSingle Skate (grams)Pair of Skates (grams)
2012BauerSupreme NXG6801360
2014BauerSupreme MX37051410
2014BauerSupreme MX3 LE7111422
2011BauerVapor APX7181436
2012BauerSupreme One.97461492
2014BauerNexus 80007591518
2014CCMTacks 20527631526
2015BauerVapor 1X7631526
2013BauerVapor APX27661532
2015BauerVapor X8007761552
2014BauerSupreme 1907981596
2014BauerSupreme 1807981596
2015CCMJetspeed 3008011602
2011BauerVapor X7.08051610
2012BauerNexus 10008101620
2015BauerVapor X5008131626
2014BauerSupreme HP8151630
2013BauerVapor X100 LE8161632
2013BauerVapor X908161632
2015BauerVapor X9008231646
2015CCMJetspeed 2708231646
2014BauerNexus 50008281656
2011CCMU+ CL8301660
2013BauerVapor X708431686
2012EastonStealth RS8431686
2014BauerNexus 70008451690
2014CCMTacks 30528501700
2014BauerSupreme HP Pro8581716
2014BauerNexus 60008591718
2015CCMRibcor 44K8671734
2013BauerVapor X8008741748
2013CCMRBZ 908801760
2015CCMRibcor BKS8841768
2015BauerVapor X7008851770
2015CCMRibcor 42K8861772
2015BauerVapor X6008891778
2012BauerNexus 8008901780
2014BauerSupreme 1609001800
2015CCMRibcor 48K9101820
2014BauerSupreme 1709101820
2015CCMRibcor 50K9151830
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