breezers hockey pants not wearing pants


A padded, protective outer garment worn around the player’s waist.

Hockey Pants

Used In A Sentence
“I hit that guy so hard he crapped his breezers!”

The etymology of the word  “breezer” is actually pretty interesting. When the Jamaicans first came to Canada in the early 1600’s, they came on an old wooden ship known as  “l’bresier.” Being from a warmer climate, they wore shorter pants (colloquially known as “pantaloons”). The native Canadians had never seen anything like this! Hundreds of years later when hockey emerged as a sport, the players soon began to wear shorter pants which were called “breezers” as a nod to the Jamaican ship that carried with it a new style of pant to the Canadian people.

Contributed By
Joe Carlino, Store Manager at Pure Hockey in Fairfield, NJ

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