Father’s Day Hockey Gift Ideas 2015


Father’s Day is less than two weeks away. Still looking for gift ideas for Dad? Answer this question: Is there a better Father’s Day gift than a hockey gift?

Let us help… Answer: Nope.

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The Worst Hockey Practice Drill Ever?

worst drills

When I think back about playing high school hockey, my mind normally goes right to all the fun we had. Joking on the bus, playing games, pranks, chirping each other, cheerleaders….the whole nine yards.

But it seems like I’ve managed to bury the memories of the things that perhaps we didn’t like so much. Yes, there’s only so much room in the mental archives for memories, so I try to keep those memories to the fun ones.

One of the memories I don’t need to think about too often involves certain hockey practice drills. As I sit and think about all the different drills we did in practices, most are palatable. Tip drills, hitting drills, power play, penalty kill, breakout…..all these were probably a little bit of a bummer sometimes, but by and large they were acceptable because they had one singular, magical element – pucks. Where we get into the deep, dark recesses of the mental archives is when we get to conditioning drills. Skating. Ugh.

CCM JetSpeed Hockey Skates Preview & Features


In 2013, CCM reasserted themselves in the hockey skate world in a major way with the launch of the RBZ skate. The RBZ was a major statement to their competition and a huge step in reestablishing CCM as a premier skate maker. The RBZ was the beginning of what has become a revival for CCM skates. The continued growth in popularity and steady performance advancements of the CCM – and formerly Reebok – Ribcor line, followed by the re-introduction of the legendary CCM Tacks brand have build a huge amount of momentum.

Capitalizing on that ever-growing momentum, this summer CCM will release the long awaited evolution of the RBZ skate line. The CCM JetSpeed skate started with a simple idea, design a skate that performs as if it is the player’s foot sitting on the skate holder to minimize skate-caused performance limitations. Build it for players looking to maximize their speed, make sure it has unmatched fit and comfort and make it more durable than it’s predecessor.

CCM continues to offer multiple families of skates to meet the needs of various player types. JetSpeed slots into the line catering to players whose game is all about maximizing top-end speed. This makes JetSpeed a perfect complement to its ‘sibling’ skate lines; the RibCor built for outstanding agility and the Tacks designed for player’s who thrive on great acceleration and being the quickest top gear. With these three, there’s a CCM skate for every player. 

Fit Improvements


2015 Stanley Cup Finals Gear Breakdown

Well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’re going to forget for a few minutes that hockey season will be over in a matter of weeks (sniff sniff) and just focus on the fact that we have the Stanley Cup Finals starting tonight! With the Bolts-Hawks matchup this year, are we now seeing the full transition to a league focused solely on speed and dynamic playmaking? Or is there still room for the big, bruising style of play that has gotten some teams across the finish line in the last few seasons? We’ll find out in the next couple of years, but this series should be akin to a day at the races. Do some neck exercises, because during this series, your head is going to be going back and forth……back and forth.