This Old Hockey Bag

This Old Hockey Bag: Innovative Hockey Inc.

July 23, 2015 0

I find myself searching for hours on end looking for old hockey equipment that I loved. It’s usually a waste of time, but from time to time I find a dandy. This week I wanted […]

preds-skate socks

Why Wear Skate Socks?

July 10, 2015 0

Skate Socks vs. Barefoot Skaters When lacing up before a game, your hockey skates aren’t the only pieces of equipment that you wear on your feet. Or maybe they are…more on you guys later, barefoot skaters. […]

This Old Hockey Bag

This Old Hockey Bag: Itech II Yellow/Amber Visor

July 9, 2015 1

This week, let’s throw it back to the era of ITECH. Before the merge with Mission and pre-Bauer days. The late 80s. ITECH Sport Products was recognized worldwide as the pioneer in head, facial and […]


This Old Hockey Bag: Sherwood 5030 Feather-Lite

July 2, 2015 0

Think Old Faithful. Released over 60-years ago, the Sherwood 5030 Feather-Lite hockey stick is still going strong today. You most likely had one of these beauties and it would be a safe bet to say that […]

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