The CCM RBZ Superfast Stick

CCM RBZ Superfast Stick

You may have noticed during the most recent NHL Playoffs that some players in the league were using a new CCM stick that really stuck out. Yes, the red one that players such as Gabriel Landeskog of the Avalanche were using. It is the CCM RBZ Superfast and it is the newest top-of-the-line stick in the RBZ family from CCM.


Just What Rules Change Between NHL And NCAA Hockey?

NCAA vs NHL Rules

Playing ice hockey at a Division I college gives many players the training and experience they require in order to eventually carve out a career at the NHL level. Although NCAA players aren’t paid millions of dollars and they have to take a bus to each game instead of a private jet, their passion and commitment to the sport are what make college hockey so compelling. However, when college players make the leap to the professional ranks, what rule changes do they have to learn?


The E28 Curve Has Ruined Me Forever

Easton E28 Curve

When I was a kid in the 1980’s, phones were not a designer object, nor were they something you actually brought with you places. You just didn’t have that option. I still laugh to myself when I remember a conversation I had here in the office with a younger employee who asked me “so how did you talk to girls back then?” I had to explain to him that – gasp! – we actually had to walk up to them and speak. Horrifying, especially if you were scared to death of girls like I was back then.

Choices in hockey gear, particularly sticks, are similar.


Interview With Sarah Baicker of Comcast SportsNet Philly

Sarah BaickerWe first encountered Sarah Baicker on Twitter a few months back when something happened with the Philadelphia Flyers, though I can’t really remember what it was.  I do remember she had some memorable tweets, though! Sarah is the Philadelphia Flyers reporter for Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia, so she travels with the team, writes and provides TV reports on the all the Flyers news that’s fit to talk about – and there’s already been plenty to talk about this offseason.

We took a few minutes to chat with Sarah about hockey and some other stuff. Enjoy!