Hockey Bucket List: 6 Best Rinks To Play In

Yost Arena Michigan

Yost Arena in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hockey Bucket List: 6 Best Rinks To Play In

One of the great things about the game of hockey is the opportunity to lace up the skates in some of the coolest, most unique ice rinks not just in the country, but in the world. Yes, it’s always a little extra special for a young player to skate on the home ice of their local professional or college hockey team, but needless to say, not all rinks are created equal.

With that being said, here’s a closer look at ice rinks that you need to add to your hockey bucket list:


Everything You Need To Know About Biosteel

New Jersey Devils forward Mike Cammalleri discusses Biosteel

In the past few years things like protein shakes and performance supplements have had a much more prominent presence in hockey locker rooms and at increasingly earlier stages in players’ careers. I am referring to the types of products that were once viewed as something just for professional athletes or the ‘I pick things up and put them down’ guys from the planet fitness ads. They are now a common sight in the hands of young hockey players at as early as the middle school level.

Personally, I always avoided the protein powders and shake mixes. I never totally understood how they worked or what was in them, and not knowing what I was drinking gave me pause. The risk of not knowing what’s going into your body is far greater for professional athletes. Beyond the health implications and concerns, there is the ever-looming risk of some unknown ingredient showing up on a drug test. The damage done by a failed drug test to an athlete’s reputation, career and livelihood is an all too familiar story line in the modern sports landscape.


CCM Ribcor 40K Stick Features and Review

CCM Ribcor Stick - Ribcor 40k

CCM Ribcor 40K Stick

Yep, you read that correctly. The Ribcor 40K is now a part of the CCM brand. Why did they make this change? Well, Reebok and CCM officials realized that even though they had a significant number of Pro, Major and Junior players using their sticks it was divided between the two brands so their usage stats appeared lower than their competitors. By consolidating their stick lines under the CCM brand their usage stats appear more in line with those of their competitors.

Confusing as it might be, I implore you to set that aside because this stick has some seriously exciting new features.


Ranked: The Worst Smelling Hockey Gear

Worst Smell Hockey Gear

Smelly hockey gear is an issue that has plagued players since the game’s creators strapped metal blades onto their shoes. Interesting and completely made-up fact: In the days before industrial washing machines to clean gear, smelling salts were originally used to get the smell of their own gear out of players’ noses. It was only when a player actually passed out from smelling his skate that trainers discovered the salts’ ability to wake up knocked out players.

The Offensive Smell of Hockey Gear

If you’re anything like me, you won’t even reach one hand into your hockey bag when you are dressed for work or school out of fear of smelling all day long. It’s no secret that the smell of hockey gear isn’t for everyone, so today I am going to dive in to my bag and identify the pieces of gear most responsible for the offensive odors.