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Pure Hockey TV Commercials Part III

January 17, 2012 0

Well, when we left you last, we told you all about how the script got written, working with a production company and the day we shot the first commercial with the Devils David Clarkson. I […]

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Store Profiles

Fairfield, New Jersey Store Profile

January 11, 2012 0

We’ll get back to writing about those TV commercials soon. But one thing we’ll do a little more of here in 2012 is introduce you to the people behind our business. There’s no better place […]


Easton E700 Hockey Helmet Review

January 5, 2012 0

While working here at the Pure Hockey office, I’ve had a unique chance to try out some equipment I might not have necessarily tried out or bought otherwise. The latest example was that I got […]


Pure Hockey TV Commercials Part II

December 22, 2011 0

OK, so when we last left you, we expanded our marketing budget, got some ideas down on paper for some TV spots and went ahead and secured David Clarkson of the New Jersey Devils and Brad […]

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Pure Hockey TV Commercials Part I

December 21, 2011 0

I can tell you without hesitation that when my boss, our CEO, walked into my office one day last March and expanded our marketing budget for 2011, I didn’t push back or ask for more. Don’t […]


Interview with Joe Haggerty, Boston Bruins Writer

December 13, 2011 0

In between sneak peeks of hockey gear and product reviews, we also try to slip in the occasional interview with NHL players, equipment managers or hockey writers. Today we’re visiting with Joe Haggerty, who is arguably […]


Easton Stealth S65 Hockey Stick Preview

November 7, 2011 0

In a week or two (or whenever we get them from Easton), we will be seeing the release of the Easton Stealth 65S hockey stick from the fine folks over at Easton Hockey. As you […]

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Work Life at Pure Hockey

November 4, 2011 0

I want to tell you a little bit about working here. Around this time each year, when the leaves are almost done falling and the initial biting winds start stinging our faces, things get busy. […]


Brian’s Sub Zero Goalie Pad Preview

October 12, 2011 0

Recently, I’ve found myself in a position where I was able to take a first-hand look at the upcoming Sub-Zero hockey goalie gear from Brian’s. For those of you that don’t know me, to have […]


Bauer APX Hockey Stick Review

September 28, 2011 0

When you pick up and play with the Bauer x:60 stick you might think, “well, this is nice, but how can Bauer make this better in any possible way?” I was thinking the same thing, […]

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