Bauer Vapor 1X Hockey Skate: Pre-Order & Review

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There are few things that create more of a buzz in the hockey gear world than what is happening on April 24th, when the most popular skate in the game, the Bauer Vapor line, will launch. This year’s version will be known as the Vapor 1X skate. It began appearing at the IIHF World Junior tournament in late December 2014 and is now increasingly being spotted around the NHL.

As the hockey world has caught glimpses of the newest Vapor’s standout design, the question constantly asked is “what’s new for the 1X?”  The answer is a LOT. This year’s Vapor line has more upgrades than most releases.


Five Best Hockey Movies on Netflix

netflix hockey movies
Netflix has become a way of life for many of us. While they don’t always have the hottest movies we all want to see, I always manage to find something that works. More and more, it’s a Netflix world and we’re just livin’ in it! When you combine Netflix and hockey movies, well, it’s safe to say that your choices are limited. There is no “Slapshot.” No “Miracle.” Heck, not even “Mystery, Alaska.” But hockey movies can be found. So sit back, relax and enjoy as we take you through the five best hockey movies on Netflix.


Hockey Stick Curves and Deflated Footballs

Hockey Stick Curves and Deflated Footballs

Both NFL and NHL referees deal with equipment that “pushes the line”.

Hockey Stick Curves and Football PSI

People with internet and TV everywhere just got a three-week lesson on the regulations regarding the inflation of footballs for NFL games. We are Pure Hockey, not Pure Football so this will be real short, but football inflation is apparently restricted to an area of 1 PSI (between 12.5 and 13.5 PSI) that is acceptable for use. Because of recent news, NFL quarterbacks past and present have expressed their feelings about how much they personally prefer their footballs inflated. With all the talk circulating around in the media, we made the connection between a quarterback’s preference in football pressure and a hockey player’s preference in stick curve. Whether you label it “cheating,” “gamesmanship” or just “bending the rules, there are people doing it with their equipment in almost every sport. Illegal baseball bats and pine-tarred balls, illegal hockey stick curves, under or over-inflated footballs, and even something like Jimmie Johnson failing a post-qualifying car inspection for NASCAR are all examples of people trying to modify their equipment to get an edge. CONTINUE READING ARTICLE

5 Hockey Tips That Made Me a Better Player


Hockey Coach Tips


5 Hockey Tips From My Coaches

Everyone who has grown up playing the game of hockey knows of the universal strategies that people use to better themselves on the ice. These are strategies that all players partake in, including things like weight-lifting, conditioning, or fine tuning your skills through on-ice and off-ice drills. What is not universal about growing up as a hockey player is the specific advice that your coaches have given you. Everyone has been pulled aside by their coach and been schooled on a part of their game that needs help, or just to point out something that you are doing right. These small tips can often have a bigger impact on your game than hours in the gym or on the track. Here are 5 hockey tips that made me a better player over the years. These tips all came from various coaches over the years and all of them really landed with me and helped me to understand the game.