Pure Hockey 2014-15 NHL Stanley Cup Predictions

It’s about that time of year again. Time for unquestionably the best 7-8 weeks in all of sports — the NHL Playoffs. So that means it’s time for the experts and analysts to break down each match-up round by round, and diehard and fair-weather fans alike to cast their votes, fill out their respective brackets and predict this year’s Stanley Cup winner.

Here at Pure Hockey, we accepted the NHL Bracket Challenge and the votes are in. Of the 98 total entries, 32 team members —  32.65% — picked the New York Rangers as the 2014-15 NHL Stanley Cup champs.


Interview with Mike Payne: CHL Journeyman & Enforcer

mike-payne-chlWhile it’s tough to argue one’s opinion that hockey players are the best athletes in the world, it’s virtually impossible to deny the fact that as athletes, they are the realest of the people out there. From early days of waking up bright and early for a morning skate before school, to the full-time blue collar worker playing nights and weekends, hoping to get his shot at the next level.

There’s no better person to tell this story than journeyman Mike “House of” Payne. A kid who grew to love the game of hockey so much, he knew he wanted to play everyday of the week–as a kid, throughout high school and college, and long after, Mike was willing to do whatever it took to get there. A full-time, blue collar worker who pulled long days and exhausting overtime shifts while playing nights and weekends, Mike’s determination and love for the game exemplifies the true hockey player to the bone.

Pure Hockey (PH): Let’s start from the beginning: when did you start playing hockey?


CCM Ultra Tacks Shoulder Pads Review


The new CCM Ultra Tacks shoulder pads provide a lightweight comfort and protection like no other. With the D3O Smart Foam Technology and innovative design, CCM was able to increase the area of the body covered by the Tacks shoulder pad while still managing to maintain a low profile. The Tacks pad is designed to provide the most coverage and protection possible.

The body area of the pad is made up of Tacks foam armor. Tacks foam armor is highly flexible, comfortable and extremely breathable. It grants players freedom of motion and helps to keep them cool during the course of the game.



NHL 3 Stars of the Week: What They’re Wearing – 3/30/2015


Every week the NHL posts its Three Stars of the Week. Here at Pure Hockey, we’re taking it a step further and showing you what these stars are sporting while on the ice.