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You know it’s September when all the hot air starts to circulate around the next release of the IPhone. Until Apple can come up with a way to help me get a few more MPH on my slappers, help me turn better on skates – or get me to backcheck in men’s league for that matter – I will leave the analysis of all the new features of the IPhone to the Engadget’s and TechCrunches of the world.

I did, however, think it would be fun to hop on the interwebs and cruise around looking for hockey IPhone covers. I did this for no reason other than I needed to take a break from work while eating a Chipotle burrito today (beans, brown rice, cheese and guac, in case you’re wondering). So without further ado, let’s take a trip into the wonderful world of IPhone hockey covers. Here’s a few that we found interesting. Or funny. Or puzzling.


Hmmm…..not exactly three words you find together very often. Okay, ever. I don’t ever recall being on the ice and preaching the benefits of peace and love to teammates or opponents. But hey, we can dream.

download (1)

OK, ummmm, this one is pretty cool, in my opinion. It either says a) that you are a huge fan and love the old-school Boston Bruins goalie Gerry Cheevers or b) you love horror movies or c) you are an axe murderer. I suppose it’s quite possible it could be all three, but that would be a rare instance. We hope.

download (2)

Uhhh, yeah. Say no more. We all know one. Or ten.

download (7)

Yep, similar to the Cheevers-style one above, this one removes the idea of being a Gerry Cheevers fan, but definitely KEEPS the idea that you love horror movies or are potentially an axe murderer.

download (3)

We likey. We’ve seen the Eat Sleep Hockey theme across many items like shirts, hats, etc, so this one isn’t particularly inventive, but the idea overall is a good one and really speaks to what our customers are all about.

download (4)

Here’s another meme that just gets pounded to death. This is kind of the like classic rock – you see this same thing over and over and over (and over) but you have to admit it’s not bad. The “keep calm” meme will die a slow death, but until then, we approve of it – so long as it’s related to hockey.

download (5)

Yes – simple, basic birds-eye ice arenas are almost always a good idea. On anything.

download (6)

The “Got Milk?” campaign has become one of the most well-known and almost iconic of our generation. There’s even a fair amount of multiple hockey ones. This is one is pretty darn cool.

Do you have any you like? We saw a lot of NHL team related ones, but those were all boring. Basically just team logos with fire or animals or whatever in the background. zzzzzzzzz.

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