How To Fit Women’s Hockey Skates

Being a female hockey player, there arises some scenarios with having gear fit properly.  Due to the shear nature of our bone structure, and in most cases, height, there comes a time when things don’t seem “quite right” when trying equipment on.  Remember, gear is fit with using a male model as well as foot cast for skates.  Men we are not! I have spoken with a number of female customers that seem to have the same issues.  There has yet to be a company that can find a good design to fit all shapes and sizes.  Even all the way down to our feet, paying close attention to what we choose for gear is essential.

For me, the hardest piece of equipment, I find, to fit properly are skates.  Most women’s feet, honestly, fit closer to the way a junior skate boot is formed.  Yes, most of us are, however, I know that there are many issues we have with finding a skate that fits the space between the boot height and where it’s tied and where the top of our feet start, as well as the toe box.  Heel lifts, as well as insoles, have been a tremendous help to our female customers, as well as doing slight modifications to the boot.  For example; making an additional eyelet, generally where Reebok places their lace locks, minimizes lace bite and makes it easier to tighten the boot around the ankle.

A lower profile skate seems to be best for the structure of our feet, such as a Bauer Vapor or CCM U+ series.  I have noticed that the wider toe box on the CCM seems to allow for shorter toes and where they meet our foot.  The Vapor series offers a low profile at the top of the foot, leaving “less of a void” between the ankle and the skate. There is always the option to opt for pro tongues, or a thicker tongue to help fill the skate as well.

There are many of us that have no issues with skates, which makes the joy of lacing up a new pair even better! I suggest to try on brands outside your normal comfort zone if you are having skate issues.  Even small adjustments like the way you tie your skates, or wearing different socks can make a world of difference!

Work hard, play harder… Always!!

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