#HockeyStinks Contest

#HockeyStinks Contest Pure Hockey

How bad is it? Come on, admit it – your hockey equipment stinks worse than old cheese or sweaty feet. So do something about it! Upgrade your gear, man!

Oh no! This contest has ended! Don’t worry, though, because you can still win a FREE pair of gloves and a stick of your choosing in our #HockeyStinks #Smellfie contest! Check it out:


If you need to upgrade your equipment ASAP because your parents barf whenever they go near it, just hit our homepage and start shopping.

Our #hockeystinks videos are here:


Rules & Regulations of the #hockeystinks promotion:
– Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged!
– There will be a different stick winner each week, but the stick winner could get lucky and win the grand prize, too. That would be cool.
– Your gear smells bad. Come on.
– If you make fake social media accounts, we’ll know about it. We’re not dumb, you know.
– All ages are acceptable
– Stick winners will be announced each Monday from August 18th to September 8th at 4pm eastern time.
– Grand Prize winner will be announced on Friday, September 12th at 4pm eastern time.
– Grand Prize winner can choose from any in-stock item at purehockey.com. No custom orders will be taken.
– Winners must be in the USA and we only ship prizes to addresses inside the USA.