Hockey Stick Weigh-In Part II

It’s that time again, stick weigh-ins are here. We’ll cut right to the chase…

Once again, these weights are all for the same (or closest comparable) blade pattern and same flex, for consistency.

  1. Bauer Nexus – 418 Grams
  2. Bauer TotalOne NXG – 424 g
  3. Bauer Vapor APX LE – 430 g
  4. Reebok 20K – 431 g
  5. CCM RBZ – 441 g
  6. Easton RSII – 443 g
  7. Easton Mako II – 450 g
  8. Bauer Supreme One.8 – 465 g

The other request we had last time was what is the difference in weight between the same model stick. So we tested that out too with the Nexus and TotalOne NXG…

The Nexus weighed 3 times came in at 418g, 418g and 420g. The NXG came in at 421g, 422g, and 425g. So in the numbers seem to be very consistent.

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