Hockey Product Reviews Can Save You Money

hockey product reviews earn you money

Monthly Pure Hockey Gift Card Giveaway

We love hearing the feedback about the items we sell. We do our best to provide the highest quality of products, as well as the widest variety. Part of that is listening to our customers and what they have to say about their gear. That being said, we are now rewarding you for your feedback! Every month you will have the chance to win a $50 Pure Hockey gift card for your hockey product reviews! Below you will find the regulations regarding reviews and also some recent examples.

Rules for Product Reviews

  • Winners are chosen once a month
  • Must have a valid email address
  • Must be signed in (not as a guest)
  • Reviews must be an honest 40+ words
  • Limit one review per purchased product
  • No vulgar language

Here are some examples of recent Pure Hockey product reviews:

5 Pure Hockey Product Reviews

1. Sportmask X8 Goalie Masksportmask-x8-thumb

Solid mask, great price

“This mask is unbeatable at the price listed. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it is solid. Taken plenty of shots to the head, never get any pain. I play high school and A league adult league with some former college kids that can really shoot and it’s held up. Definitely recommend this mask to anyone that needs a mask.”

Review by Andrew posted on 1/31/2016

2. Reebok 18K Junior Wheel Hockey Bagreebok-18k-bag-thumb

Excellent product, durable.

“I have been using this as my work bag as a painter. Best bag I’ve had in 20 years. And I’ve had a lot of them. Durable, easy to use, lots of pockets and space inside.”

Review by Ray posted on 1/20/2016

3.  CCM Tacks Grip Intermediate Hockey Stickccm-tacks-thumb

One of my favorite sticks of all time

“I’ve owned two of these sticks and I love them both. It has a good feel in the hands and you have good feel for the puck. I hope this next one I am ordering lives up to the greatness of my last two.”

Review by Snacks posted on 1/20/2016

4. Philadelphia Flyers Black Hockey Socks


Philadelphia Flyers Black Hockey Socks

“I like the feel and look of these hockey socks. They match my hockey jersey for the team I play for, not crazy about the newer nylon type hockey socks. Another thing I like was if Pure Hockey doesn’t have something in stock you can order it from the store get it shipped directly to you at no charge.”

Review by Edward O posted on 12/30/2015

5.  Bauer Core Adult Fleece Sweatpants


Fantastic sweatpants

“I purchased these sweatpants at a Pittsburgh-area Pure Hockey store on February 1, 2016. I love these sweatpants a lot … and I’ve worn them many times since I purchased them. I would tell my other relatives and my friends to buy them also.”

Review by Joseph P. posted on 2/7/2016

If you plan on leaving a review, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to and log in to your account. (or Create an Account if you are logged in as a guest)
  2. Go to the product that you purchased and click Write a Review. (Or Review This Product if there is no existing reviews.write hockey product reviews
  3. Share your thoughts with other hockey players! (Read rules for reviewing above)
  4. Click submit, and check back on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Winner will be revealed at the end of the month!


Now you can head to or Pure to review products you’ve purchased!


12 Comments on Hockey Product Reviews Can Save You Money

  1. Is it a new review every month that wins? Or if my review this month doesn’t win can it win next month?

    Also, how will we know if we win? Since I don’t believe an email address is attached when you review but rather just a nickname.

    • Yes, a review from that month will win at the end of the month. Once a new month begins, we will choose only from the reviews from the new month.

      As for notifying you – it is required that you sign in to your profile when you leave the review in order to win. When making your profile, you provide an email address and that is how we reach out to winners.

  2. Simply said-there are a lot of choices out there now a day-with online purchasing. So I look for a website that is easy to navigate through ***** (u guys got 5 stars), one that offers a coupon or discount at some point *****, and one that clearly shows the product (with a product review) *****, so you see, you guys have done an amazing job. I tell everyone about you and will continue shopping with you guys for life. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work. Famous words-“Run a good business and the people will come!” well here we are

  3. absolutely have nothing but great things to say about PURE HOCKEY, the customer service, the delivery time, the product everything was PERFECT. Will definitely order again from them 🙂

  4. E-Z Goal & Net
    Easy set up, very professional looking and quality strength in netting. Already has taken 1000 shots.
    Price was reasonable given that it was on sale.
    Recommend this product for serious shooters and backyard fun

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