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At Pure Hockey we are proud to offer some of the finest and high-quality pieces of hockey gear, but recognize that sometimes there are manufacturing issues which may cause you to experience a problem. All hockey manufacturers have a warranty program to stand behind their products which can be found on the page below. Each manufacturer handles warranty replacements a bit differently and asks that you contact them directly for all warranty related claims and questions. Click on the manufacturer logos below to be brought to information about their warranty programs.




Bauer and Mission30 Days90 Days1 YearNone
Composite Sticks, Shafts and Blades
Skates (boots only)
Hockey Bags
Tuuk Blade Holders (plastic) and Runner (steel)
Edge Blade Holders (plastic) and Runner (steel)
Protective Gear
Facial (cages)
Inline Skates (boot only)
Inline Skate Chassis
Jocks and Hockey Accessories
Outerwear and Apparel
Wood Sticks and Blades


From the manufacturer’s website:

BAUER Hockey, Inc. will provide a one-time replacement only of your composite stick, IF BROKEN DUE TO A MANUFACTURING DEFECT “within 30 days from the date of purchase”. The following information must be provided before creating a return online:

  • An original receipt from an authorized BAUER dealer, along with the white serial number sticker affixed to the original receipt. (Hand written receipts or MasterCard/ visa statements will not be accepted). Please keep a photocopy of your receipt for your records.


BAUER reserves the right to substitute if the requested model is not available. Please note the one time replacement stick is not covered under warranty.

The warranty policy does not cover any breakages due to misuse or abuse. This policy does not cover wood sticks/shafts/replacement blades, pro stock sticks, or sticks sold by BAUER Hockey’s Team Sales Group. We will not return or repair the stick/shaft/replacement blade or refund your money.

Important exclusions/limitations

This warranty limits the duration of any implied warranties, such as the warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, to the duration of this express warranty. In addition, this warranty excludes our liability, special, indirect or consequential damages.

How does local law relate to this warranty?

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary regionally or nationally. Some locales do not allow limitations on the length of time an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you.


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Warrior30 Days
Composite Sticks, Shafts and Blades
Hockey Bags
Protective Gear
Jocks & Accessories


From the manufacturer’s website:

Warrior Hockey will replace any defective composite sticks, shafts, protective equipment, gloves, bags, or accessories for 30 days after purchase date.** The Swagger goal stick, all replacement blades, apparel, warm-ups & jerseys are not covered under this warrantyPlease read the conditions below for better understanding of our policy:

  • The product was purchased by an authorized Warrior Hockey dealer
  • The product is accompanied by receipt (original proof of purchase – no photocopies or hand written receipts will be accepted)
  • The product broke during normal use as a result of manufacturers defect
  • The product was not exposed to an open flame and shows no signs of being overheated or altered from an outside source
  • Warrior Sports will replace the product with the exact product that is defective. If the product is no longer available, we will replace with a grip or non grip stick or upgrade you free of charge
  • The product was not damaged by contact with a skate, stick, boards, goals, bench, another player, etc.
  • The product was not a factory second, purchased used, or NHL Pro Stock
  • The product was not a promotional giveaway, demo stick, or sample product
  • Small dings and scratches on product may occur during normal use of all products and are not covered under warranty
  • Warranty restrictions will be determined completely by Warrior Hockey

Warrior, upon receipt and approval of your return, will send a replacement product of the same model. If the style is no longer available, Warrior will replace it with a product of equal or greater value. The ability to upgrade returned products is not offered.

All products are replaced one time and one time only.

We understand shipping hockey sticks back to us can be expensive. So to reduce your return shipping cost, feel free to cut down any defective hockey sticks so that they fit into a smaller box.


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CCM and Reebok30 Days90 Days1 YearNone
Composite Sticks and Shafts*
Wood Sticks
Replacement Blades
Skates (boots only)
Skate Blades (steel)
Inline Chassis
 *The RBZ100 offers a 45 day warranty and the RibCor stick offers a 60 day warranty.

From the manufacturer’s website:

The consumer’s proof of purchase must accompany all claims. Reebok-CCM reserves the right to repair or replace, at our option, any product determined to be defective. Reebok-CCM will warrant products that have been repaired, provided the repairs were performed at its factory or at an authorized repair depot. If, in Reebok-CCM’s determination, product failure is due to accident, abuse, negligence or abnormal use, the product will not be covered by this or any other warranty. This warranty is expressly declared to be given in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied on Reebok-CCM’s part. No person is authorized to give an additional warranty in connection with the sale of Reebok-CCM products. Professional, NHL, CHL, ECHL, USHL, AHL and university or college team sales are excluded from this warranty.


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Easton Hockey30 Days90 Days1 YearNone
Shafts and Sticks
Replacement Blades
Wood Sticks
Skate Boots
Blade Holders and Runners


From the manufacturer’s website:

EASTON’S STICK/SHAFT WARRANTY POLICYEASTON USA WARRANTY POLICY FOR ALL STICKS & SHAFTS (WITH WARRANTY STICKERS) PURCHASED AT AN AUTHORIZED EASTON RETAILER:Easton’s high performance, one-piece composite hockey sticks and shafts are covered by a 30-day, limited warranty against manufacturer defect only. This is a one-time replacement. The warranty covers damage/premature breakage caused by a manufacturing defect only, and is extended with the understanding that hockey is a contact sport which causes stick breakage.*REPLACEMENT BLADES ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTY.EASTON SPORTS WILL REPLACE ANY DEFECTIVE HIGH PERFORMANCE STICK/SHAFT FOR A PERIOD OF 30 DAYS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE, UNDER THE CONDITIONS LISTED BELOW:

The stick is accompanied by the original receipt (proof of purchase) WITH MATCHING UPC STICKER AND THE WARRANTY FORM.

The stick broke during normal use as a result of a manufacturing defect and EXCLUDES abuse.

The shaft was used with the correct size blade.

The one-piece stick was not exposed to an open flame or any heat source.

The stick was not a factory second, blem, or purchased used.

Product was purchased from an authorized Easton dealer (warranty does not apply to third-party auction sites such as eBay).

Warranty coverage

will be determined exclusively by Easton Sports. Professional, Collegiate, and CHL teams are excluded from this warranty.


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