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As the season quickly approaches, we wanted to take a look back at the summer of free agent moves from the best side we know, hockey gear!!!!

We sat down and took the top 20 free agents signed, ranked by annual cap hit of their new contract and took a look at their equipment. For each player, we took their cap it and divided it by four, then attributed that number to each of 4 categories (Hockey skates, sticks, gloves and helmets). This is all based on respective players gear from the 2012-2013 season and does not account for any players who may have changed some things up over the summer.

I.E. David Clarkson’s new contract in Toronto will have a annually cap hit of $5,250,000. We divided that by 4 and came up with $1,312,500 for each equipment category. We then assigned That amount, $1,312,500, to Tackla Gloves, Easton Sticks, Bauer Skates and Easton Helmets.

So after adding up all those numbers, we came up with the following…

In the least surprising result, Bauer ran away with the most new money earned in skates, with 16 of 20 players in their wheels. This shocked no one since Bauer has 3 top end models, the Supreme NXG, Vapor APX2 and Nexus 1000. This comes out to an average of $1.47 Million per pair. Following up was Reebok with only 2 pairs, while CCM and Easton both accounted for one pair.

Looking to the glove department, Easton came away with the most players in their models with 7, for a total of over $10 Million in contract dollars. However, Bauer came in a close 2nd with 6 pairs and a slight edge in average value per pair, edging out Easton by about $90K per pair. Reebok and Warrior both had a respectable three pairs each, while Tackla had their only inclusion in any category represented by David Clarkson’s gloves.

On the stick front, Easton takes the crown on both number of players, 10, and contract money, $14.19 Million, after seeing a jump in players with the release of their new Velocity series. Bauer came in second once again with 6 players representing $9.5 Million and should see a spike this season as the new APX2 stick is a seriously advanced twig. Other brands making an appearance in the stick category were Reebok with two players, Base Hockey with one player and Warrior with one player.

Last but not least was helmets. Bauer came in the #1 slot, protecting the heads of 8 newly signed players, with an abundance of them seeming to jump to the IMS 9.0 and Re-Akt helmets. The remaining 12 were split up between only 3 other brands, Easton came in a close second with 7 helmets, followed by CCM and their 3, trailed by Reebok with just 2.

To download the graphic, click here.


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