Composite Hockey Stick Weigh-In – Fall 2013

So it’s that time again, a bunch of fancy new composite hockey sticks have been released, so it’s time to weigh-in. Another weigh-in, another clean sweep for Bauer, says a lot about their composite technology. All sticks weighed were 85 flex, and P92/E3 pattern or the equivalent.

And the lightest stick this fall is…..

  1. Bauer Vapor APX2: 419 Grams
  2. Bauer Nexus 1000LE: 420 g
  3. Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG: 424 g
  4. Reebok Ribcor: 426 g
  5. CCM RBZ Stage 2: 429 g
  6. Easton V9: 432 g
  7. Sherwood T100: 441 g
  8. Easton V9E: 442 g
  9. Warrior Covert DT1 LT: 467 g
  10. Sherwood 5030: 641 g

Just for fun, we weighed a Sherwood 5030, one of the more popular wood sticks ever. The 5030 weighed in at 641 g. Almost 200 g heavier than the heaviest stick on the list for this weigh in. That’s almost a HALF POUND!!!

So at the end of the day, Bauer is still champ, taking the win, place and show for this weigh in, but Reebok and CCM kept it extremely close and had an excellent showing themselves. Another surprising stat was the two Easton models being 10 grams different.  The Warrior Covert DT1 LT came in last, significantly heavier than the rest, but keep in mind that Warrior sticks are built about 3-4” taller than most other brands.

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