Pure Hockey Exclusive: Easton V9E VT Hockey Stick

**UPDATE: The Easton V9E VT Stick is out now, and is available exclusively from Pure Hockey! Choose your size: JuniorIntermediateSenior

Classic Inspiration

Remember the Original Synergy? Changed the game, right? The first one-piece composite. Stupidly light compared to everything else out there at the time and a lightning quick release. Well, it came out 15 years ago! I know that comes as a shock to many of you, as some of us feel that, remembering a time without one-piece sticks. And you younger guys and probably shocked that there was a time when hockey sticks were made from trees.

The Original Easton Synergy Stick
The Original Easton Synergy Stick

To celebrate the crystal anniversary of the composite stick, we sat down with Easton and decided we wanted to do something that no one else was doing – something cool and unique.

Our goal was to create something with the latest technology and performance while paying homage to the original and popular Easton Sticks from over the years.

This stick was a long time in the making, as it will have been close to a year from start to finish by the time it launches in mid-November. The original iteration of this stick was intended for release as an RSII. You can see the yellow under our lovely marker edits on one of the first prototypes. If you have to do arts-and-crafts, there’s really no better way to do it than with hockey sticks, right? We went back and forth with design ideas and little enhancements, trying to perfect this stick. It took so long that eventually the RSII was no longer Easton’s flagship stick! We considered the idea of releasing a “last RS ever” type stick, but nixed that as well.

The Design Process

As the weeks rolled past, we wanted to be sure we had, first and foremost, a top-level performance stick, so when Easton introduced us to their new Easton V9E, with great standard technologies like the new Hypertoe, the Dual lie patterns and the tuned flex profile (Read more about the V9E here), we knew that was what our special edition had to be at its core.

With that decided, the next question become how to make the connection from past to present? The first thing we knew was that it has to be mostly original Synergy silver. Done. We then started thinking about some of the more popular sticks between then and now, the original thought was to go silver and accent with the RSII graphic design and yellow. Then it clicked, what about the Synergy SL and the SE16? How about incorporating that blue, with the silver, and tying it all in with the RSII graphics? Magnificent.

A couple more small tweaks and the graphic was done. Now how do we make it better? Grip. Again we decided to go with something that linked the past and present, but putting performance first.

So at the top of the handle, we put the original Synergy gloss finish, leading down to the more current matte finish in the taper. Between the gloss and the matte, we added a grip finish for the best performance level possible. The three different finishes is where we derived the new name, the V9E Velocity Triple grip. On the blade we added a grit finish to add enhanced feel on the puck.

Throw in one of my favorite finishing touches, the original Synergy name bar, and you have yourself one hell of a limited edition stick!

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