Easton Velocity Series Stick Preview

Its that time of year again! Stick release time! It really should be a national holiday. On August 23rd Easton is releasing the new Velocity series of sticks. In a major break from industry conformity, this line will have two flagship sticks, the V9 and V9E. The V9 will feature a traditional square taper on the shaft, while the V9E will continue the Stealth lineage with an elliptical taper, hence the “E” in the name.

A lot of innovative thinking went into this stick line, like with many of Easton’s newest products. Easton sat down and examined the mechanics of effective shooting styles. After looking at some of the best shooters to ever play, they designed a stick built to shoot as effectively as possible.

When they released the Mako II, Easton introduced the idea of Dual Lie blades, originally featuring it on the E28 curve. They have expanded that technology to the E3 and E36 patterns as well. It is designed to in effect create two blades with distinct purposes. The heel of the blade sits flat when the stick is away from the body to catch and make passes, as well as handling the puck. The toe is flat against the ice when the stick is pulled close in a shooting motion.

By pulling the stick close and behind you, you’re forced to pull the puck through the shot, as opposed to pushing it from out front. This produces more power in the shot. The puck starting on, and being released from the toe of the stick makes for a more accurate shot. The less distance the puck travels on the blade, the less variance in trajectory, this leads to better accuracy.

Easton V Series Stick Advantages

Easton knew that if they were telling people to shoot off the toe, they need to make a stick designed to withstand the added stress. Cue the Easton Hypertoe. For the V9, Easton built the stick from the toe in. First is the thicker laminate to help prevent wear, combined with a staggered rib system that increases stiffness and response. This creates a springboard affect, when you load the shaft and the blade fully, it will recoil with more force and release harder. The Micro Bladder system provides high compression for the segmented Airex core. Increasing feel and durability, allowing the stick to perform consistently for longer.

The new tuned flex profile is also a pretty cool feature. It works with your body weight by storing energy below your lower hand. When you fully lean into and load the stick while shooting, it loads and recoils quicker, for a faster release with greater velocity. The shaft of the stick is designed to fully energy load, and allow you to fully load the blade as well, creating a shot that is being propelled by even more energy.

You can order your Easton V9 and V9E sticks right here!

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