Easton Stealth S65 Hockey Stick Preview

In a week or two (or whenever we get them from Easton), we will be seeing the release of the Easton Stealth 65S hockey stick from the fine folks over at Easton Hockey. As you can see in the picture below, the look of the stick clearly shows that Easton is continuing to break the mold on stick design – it resembles the beautiful Stealth RS with its sleek red/black/grey design and matte finish (grip available as well). Other vendors like Bauer and Reebok have recently released sticks that are starting to look more and more like Warrior sticks – Easton went the other way with this simplified beauty. I remember reading somewhere one time about making spaghetti sauce – sometimes you don’t need to add 42 spices if you just have the right tomatoes. Easton has taken this approach – simple design, let the performance do the talking. We like that.

Anyway, the new Stealth 65S is being marketed as a “shooter’s stick.” What may be more interesting to you is the price point – this puppy clocks in at just $99.99! Easton has told us that what they did was go directly to rinks to develop this one. They spoke to hundreds and hundreds of youth hockey and high school players and asked them what was most important in a stick and the answer they received heavily influenced the development of the 65S – a stick to enhance shooting that costs less than $100. The 65S is comprised of carbon and kevlar material and will have an ultra thin taper profile – remember, this is a shooter’s stick!

We will carry the the 65S hockey stick in senior ($99.99), intermediate ($99.99) and junior sizes ($89.99) and Easton is only releasing the senior stick in 85 and 100 flexes. For patterns, we will carry the Iginla, Hall, and Cammalleri curves.

With the 65S, Easton is clearly zeroing in on the players who still play competitively and take their sticks seriously, but just won’t pay the expensive price for the top-of-the-line stick. We got to examine and hold the 65S at a meeting with Easton a while back and yes, this is a heavier stick than the RS, but the overall feel of the stick placed it far and above other sticks in this price range. While we obviously have not been able to test drive one yet, this stick appears to be a keeper.

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