Easton Mako M4 Pure Limited Production Stick

Now Shipping: Senior ($139.99) Intermediate ($139.99) Junior ($109.99)

Creating The Ideal Composite Stick

Every day it seems to be getting more difficult to find the perfect composite stick. With so many colors, patterns, features and new technologies to choose from, the process can get confusing quickly. Some questions we found customers asking us were “How do I know what features are important to me?” and “Which stick is going to help me improve my game?” as well as “What am I really getting in exchange for putting down all this cash?”.


We reviewed these questions as a team, and one day this past summer we sat down and attempted to cut through the bologna by creating a stick that had apparent and obvious answers to those questions. We determined that there were three crucial components which contribute to a quality composite hockey stick; weight, durability and puck control/feel. Now that we had these crucial components down, it was time to design something that satisfied each appropriately.

Stick Weight and Durability

Our first step was to address weight and durability, which can be tough because the design of modern composite sticks inherently sacrifices durability to decrease weight. Knowing that Easton has access to some of the most advanced composite stick technologies in the world, we asked their representatives to contribute to our project. After explaining our strict demands, the Easton team immediately suggested the Mako M2 as the base for our custom stick. Featuring an incredible balance between light-weight and impressively durable components, the M2 was the clear choice.

Puck Control/Feel

Although the M2 is a great stick and was a solid starting point we knew that some performance-related improvements were needed, so we started at the point of contact
between stick and puck; the blade. Our first step was to add enhanced blade technology to achieve a stiffer core, which resulted in a more durable blade and improved responsiveness on shots and passes. On the outside of the blade we added a pro-level Non-Skid coating – similar to what is found on the top-tier Mako – for precision puck control. After we had the blade performance finalized we added a spiral grip to the shaft, offering a texture that is noticeable yet subtle enough to stay out of your way.

Final Steps

At this point we were satisfied with our new stick, and decided to call it the Easton Mako M4 Pure to communicate the upgraded performance, as well as a little touch of our company name to reflect the custom touches that we added to it. After a blue and white paint job with a slick nameplate on the blade, we had finally completed a masterpiece of a stick. There was just one last hurdle to conquer; setting the price.

Stick prices are rising each year, so we knew that offering a high-performance stick at a reasonable price is always a challenge. When considering this, one of the most important things to us is listening to what you, our customers, have to say. What we’ve heard from you repeatedly is that you are interested in a stick that is as light as it can be, but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. So we focused our efforts on your feedback and are excited to tell you that the M4 Pure is just $139.99 for Senior or Intermediate models and $109.99 for the Junior model. For a stick offering top-level performance and amazing durability, we really believe this is a very friendly price – and a fraction of the price of the high-end sticks. We are truly proud to have our name on a stick that offers such amazing value.

The Mako M4 Pure is now on sale at Pure Hockey retail locations and PureHockey.com:

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