Easton E700 Hockey Helmet Review

While working here at the Pure Hockey office, I’ve had a unique chance to try out some equipment I might not have necessarily tried out or bought otherwise. The latest example was that I got home with an early Christmas gift back in December – a chance to test out the new E700 hockey helmet from Easton Hockey. Let me start by saying that I have been wearing the Bauer 4500 (the timeless classic!) exclusively since I was in middle school. Never even bothered to look for an alternate.

Some people have the misconception that Easton has only been in the helmet business for a few seasons and therefore probably aren’t the best option. This thought actually couldn’t be further from the truth. While Easton may have recently jumped into the hockey helmet business, Easton Bell sports is the largest and one of the most trusted helmet makers in sports. The company produces helmets under several brands, all of which are highly popular within their respective sports. Bell Helmets are one of the most popular motorcycle and dirt bike head protection makers, while Riddell is one of the most widely worn football helmets available. Giro makes high performance and highly popular bicycle helmets, and Easton is one of the most prominent Baseball/Softball helmet producers out there.

That’s all fine and dandy, a glowing review and brag sheet for Easton Bell sports, but what differentiates them from many other companies is the way they manage to apply their innovations to each product across multiple sports. There are obviously very different demands for a bicycle racing helmets and  hockey helmets, but Easton has broken down products to more basic technologies and found ways to apply new technologies across the board.


The first thing I noticed when I picked up the E700 was the weight. This helmet is just silly light. I pulled it out of my bag and it definitely drew some glances – and eventually ended up being passed around the room for all to see. And the lightness of the helmet was the most commented on feature by everyone in the room.  Another thing I noticed was that the helmet is very well balanced; it wasn’t too heavily weighed in the front or the back so as to make my head lean or uncomfortable.

The biggest worry I get when I see or hold a really light helmet is protection, when a helmet feels light like that, it tends to feel pretty weak and not all that safe. The E700 is a huge improvement in this department. The helmet feels very sturdy, which I did not think was the case with the S-19.  The E700’s ventilation wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t really a problem either. I put my Oakley visor on it and it fit well with no issues getting it on. My only real issue that could potentially stop me from wearing it is an extremely shallow one, even though I do love the design itself – so sleek –  and the matte black is just filthy looking and the helmet is relatively high profile. It appears pretty large on your head.

I thought that the S-19 Helmet was pretty rough sitting on my head, it created some pressure points and I didn’t find the padding particularly comfortable. The E700 is honestly one of the more comfortable I have put on in recent memory. The comfort padding really offsets the hardness of the EPP foam, a feat I find rare with EPP foam helmets. The Giro Fit system does a great job of getting under the back of your head and really contouring to keep the helmet in place. Fitting the helmet is effortless, literally, just put it on and the Giro Fit holds it in place. I think this is a huge improvement over the S-19’s baseball cap style fit system, which was annoying to change and tough to get perfect.

All in all, I thought Easton’s E700 Helmet was a great all around option. One of the first helmets to make me seriously consider bailing on the 4500. At $149.99, it is a higher quality, and more comfortable option than its predecessor the S-19, and for a lower price. You can get yourself one of these helmets by clicking right here.

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