The E28 Curve Has Ruined Me Forever

When I was a kid in the 1980’s, phones were not a designer object, nor were they something you actually brought with you places. You just didn’t have that option. I still laugh to myself when I remember a conversation I had here in the office with a younger employee who asked me “so how did you talk to girls back then?” I had to explain to him that – gasp! – we actually had to walk up to them and speak. Horrifying, especially if you were scared to death of girls like I was back then.

Choices in hockey gear, particularly sticks, are similar.

Fast forward to today. I’m generally an Easton user. I could go into detail for days as to why, but that’s another blog post. For the past year or so, I’ve mostly been using pro stocks and interspersing test sticks from the various manufacturers. Yes, it’s good to be in Marketing for a hockey retailer. Can’t deny it.

Two things happened to me last year, though.

One was that I finally relented from all the badgering I was getting from Kyle and gave the toe curve a chance. By “chance,” I mean I used it for a couple of weeks for entire games and not just warmups. After a few games of shooting field goals over the net, I got the hang of it.

Two was that Easton came out with the E28 curve. Holy s&*%balls.

I had actually been fooling around with this same curve via some Teddy Purcell and David Clarkson pro stocks previous to the retail versions coming out. The result of that was totally locking myself into what I believe may be a never-ending spiral of devotion. And that spells trouble. Real trouble.

E28 Curve Addiction
The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem.

Why? Isn’t it good to get yourself comfortable with something? Well yes. Except no. The issue for me is that whenever I get a stick from Bauer, CCM, Warrior, Sher-Wood or even another pattern from Easton, I can’t use it. My shots never go where I want them (they rarely elevate over six inches) and I can’t pass with any precision whatsoever. I often dismiss the stick after one period.

I tried to love the Nexus 8000. The Tacks stick. The Ribcor. Honestly, I did. I loved the weight and the feel while I was testing them and I should have really liked them. But no true E28 equivalent? No deal! Oh, I know some patterns are close, but nobody has nailed it like Easton.

Put that curve on every stick line. Please.

Have I backed myself into a corner I will never emerge from? Do I need to take a few weeks and get myself accustomed to something else again? I probably should, but I don’t want to. I just don’t want to. Thanks Easton. Major praise…..and I curse you.

Looking to try an E28 curve for yourself? You can get the E28 curve on the Synergy HTX Grip and the V9E Grip right now.

2 Comments on The E28 Curve Has Ruined Me Forever

  1. I feel your pain and I am in exactly the same boat.

    For me the e28 curve has done wonders and I would love to see it on a Bauer stick honestly. Nothing against Easton, because almost every piece of gear I own is an Easton product.

  2. so why do you like this crazy curve so much? can you shoot as accurately as before? it looks like it would be very difficult to control or shoot low. i heard you get used to it but is it an improvement over conventional curves?

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