CCM Tacks Skates and Tacks Sticks

Back in the early days of competitive hockey there was a Canadian boot maker named George Tackaberry. In 1937, CCM purchased the patent for George’s widely used “Tackaberry” skate. What started off as a single pair of skates built for a friend had become a legend. From that moment on, Tacks skates were not only the face of CCM, but they were one of the most popular skates in all of hockey. CCM eventually replaced the Tacks with the Vector line, the U+ line, and then the RBZ line that we have today.  Now, people are finally going to get the chance to skate on CCM Tacks again…as well as shoot with a Tacks stick.

Skate technology has come a long way – even since 2006 – and the 2014 version of the CCM Tacks skates will be a little bit different than the original as they are the stiffest skate available from CCM. This isn’t to imply that the Reebok Ribcor and CCM RBZ aren’t stiff; both are pro-level stiffness skates. As displayed in the chart below each of the three lines were designed with strategic stiffness to serve a specific performance purpose.

CCM Tacks Skate
Ribcor, RBZ & Tacks Skate Boot Stiffness (click to enlarge)

There is a lot to be said about the importance of the first five strides in hockey, which is the skating aspect CCM focused on for the Tacks Skates. To increase explosiveness CCM created the AttackFrame to harness and release energy efficiently with each stride.

The Attackframe consists of super stiff carbon twill composite in the heel and eyelet areas, which enables them to load energy efficiently. When shooting, a player leans into their stick to flex it and build energy for a powerful shot. CCM mimicked this technology in the Tacks skates, as when they are flexed the energy is loaded, stored and released for increased power.

CCM Tacks Skate
CCM’s Attack Frame Design (click to enlarge)

CCM also included their new T6 Pro Core in the Tacks skates, which is an extra-stiff EPP foam core. By using EPP foam as the core of the skates reduced weight, improves support and allows for a high level of moldability. This specially designed core allows the skate to truly shape itself to a player’s foot, minimizing negative space and eliminating pressure points to maximize comfort. The T6 Pro Core is a pro-level stiff boot and works in tandem with the Attackframe to keep players in a forward athletic position for optimal explosive acceleration potential.

The tongue on the CCM Tacks skates is a pro-preferred 7mm felt tongue with an external foam guard for lace bite protection. This tongue, paired with the Clarino+ leather liner and the EPP foam core creates a comfortable skate interior that cradles the foot for a natural feel.

To connect you to the ice the CCM Tacks skates feature the same Speedblade 4.0 holder and Hyper-Glide polished steel runner that has been successful on the RBZ skate. The increased height of this holder improves your turning radius by up to 10%. In recent years, companies have been building taller steel in order to improve turning radius, which adds weight. Rather than adding additional heavy steel, CCM has added the height in the plastic holder which helps to keep weight down.

On the inside the Tacks skates will feature CCM’s custom Support Insole which comes in three different sizes. By matching the footbed to your arch there is a greater contact surface between your foot and the skate. More contact surface results in quicker reaction times, higher levels of comfort and can relieve stress on joints throughout the body.

The CCM Tacks skate is an impressive combination of some of CCM’s most advanced technologies to date. Click here to pre order the Tacks skates today.

CCM Tacks Stick

CCM Tacks Stick
The CCM Tacks Stick (click to enlarge)

Similar to the thinking with the skate, CCM did not want to revive the Tacks moniker until they were certain they had a product that could do it justice. All early signs point to the Tacks stick being the stick they waited on. It features a true mid-kickpoint, one of the most preferred flex profiles among pro and elite level players and something that had been missing from CCM’s product offering in recent years. The RBZ features a custom-flex profile, which adjusts to your hand position when shooting, but now those who prefer a traditional mid-kick stick have something to get excited about.

The CCM Tacks stick centers around their Attackframe technology in the all-new blade design. The new blade is extremely stiff to minimize torsional deflection and keep the blade square to the shooter’s target. This stiffness is achieved through the use of a rigid outer frame and two support bridges that run the length of the blade interior.

In addition to providing additional stiffness, these reinforcements also extend the performance life of the stick. The Tacks stick is able to resist blade fatigue and is designed to last longer offering players the advantage of a stick that performs like new after extended use. CCM has assured us that even after many hours of use shots will still have plenty of pop off the new blade in the Tacks stick.

Early feedback from pros using the Tacks stick suggest that even at the professional level, these sticks are capable of lasting longer than the premier composite sticks of the past. Professionals like Nate McKinnon and Patrice Bergeron were among the first to use the new CCM Tacks stick, as well as the Kings’ captain Dustin Brown, who used the new stick while leading his team to their second Cup victory in three years.

The Tacks skates and stick arrive after years of research and meticulous development. It’s tough to predict how the Tacks will be accepted but as one of the most anticipated launches ever, it seems clear that CCM has prepared products worthy of the Tacks legend. The Legend Attacks on July 18th but you can pre order yours right here today:

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