CCM Super Tacks Skates Preview

CCM Super Tacks Skates Preview

This summer, CCM will launch one of the more impressive products we have seen come through our office doors. The newest edition of the Tacks line will be led by the new CCM Super Tacks skates. I know what you’re thinking, “Wait, shouldn’t it be the Ultra Tacks Skate? What happened there?” to which I respond that you need a bit more patience, my friend.

The 2016 Tacks line will feature both the CCM Super Tacks skates and the Ultra Tacks skates. The Super Tacks will be the top model and the Ultra Tacks will come in just below it as a second pro caliber skate.

CCM Super Tacks Skates

The Super Tacks skate is the result of over 5 years over research and testing by CCM, who partnered with the University of Calgary to study the biomechanics of hockey specific movements in the foot. They took the lab to the rink to find the most accurate, real-time data to figure out what influences the performance of a skate.

CCM & researchers at U. Calgary examined where on the foot the most pressure was applied and when it happened during the course of a stride. The goal was to identify exactly where the foot is strong and where it is weak to determine how to provide proper support. CCM went through many prototypes to test every possible aspect of the skate. They examined how tweaking the stiffness of the runner or a certain spot on the boot impacted overall performance.

MonoFrame 360 TechnologyCCM Super Tacks Skates Monoframe 360

The CCM Super Tacks skates were designed with those tests in mind and the result was the MonoFrame 360 Technology One-Piece, Carbon Composite Boot Frame. The boot is designed as a single piece and creates a 360° fit all the way around the player’s foot. This is what CCM is calling their ‘DNA Molded Fit’. The shape of the ankle area is asymmetrical to anatomically match the shape and position of a player’s ankles.

The MonoFrame 360 boot frame eliminates the need for an outsole. This accomplishes a couple of major things, first it eliminates the need for nails, glue and other excess materials, reducing the weight. Second, it creates more direct force propulsion into the ice.

The single piece construction and anatomical design of the boot create more contact between the foot and the skate, optimizing force generation. With more contact area and a fully customized fit around and under the foot there is less negative space and the energy lost due to movement within the boot is minimized. Aside from the obvious reductions in weight, eliminating the outsole also creates a seamless, more efficient transfer of energy. This maximizes the percentage of energy produced during your stride that actually makes it to the ice.

More energy produced combined with less energy lost in the transfer results in more powerful strides.

Heat Moldable T-Form Coreccm-super-tacks-skates-3

The core of the boot is what CCM calls the T-Form Core. This setup is highly heat moldable and combines with the MonoFrame 360 boot construction to create a truly customized fit that comfortably surrounds every part of the foot.  It is a super-lightweight core that helps to keep the skate extremely light. The T-Form Core is rigid to provide pro-level stiffness and excellent support. The Super Tacks skate is the stiffest of all of CCM’s models.

The padding in the ankle areas of the CCM Super Tacks skates is made up of multi-density memory foam. Like the boot and core, these pads are setup up asymmetrically to perfectly complement the boot core’s stiffness with great comfort.

TotalDri Liner with Durazone Abrasion Patch

The interior liner is made from a moisture wicking material that is excellent at keeping your feet dry throughout the entire game. This also helps to keep the skates as light during overtime as they were in warm-ups. The upper frontCCM Super Tacks skates section of the boot interior is covered with matching abrasion patches. These patches are highly resistant to wear, adding great durability to the inside of the skate.

On the top edge of the ankle there is CCM’s ‘Smooth Comfort Pro’ padding setup. This is a dense pad and smooth covering designed to increase comfort for the ankle during turns, stops or other quick lateral moves. This feature can also be very helpful during the break-in and first few times in the ice in new skates.

ADV Pro Tongue

The CCM Super Tacks skates come with very comfortable pro-style felt tongues. The tongue is extremely lightweight and is designed to mold to the top of the player’s foot during the heat molding and break-in process. By molding to the top of the foot, an even better overall fit is created and negative space is eliminated. Less negative space means less chance of lace bite occurring, but just in case, CCM added an injected lace bite protection layer to improve protection.

SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder & SpeedBlade Black

The Super Tacks boot will sit atop the Speed Blade 4.0 Holder. The SB4.0 holder is taller to allow players to get lower when turning without bottoming out. Under that holder will be the SpeedBlade Black Steel Runner. This runner is made from high quality steel then a premium oxide treatment is added. This treatment produces a longer edge life and makes the blades significantly more resistant to corrosion. The treatment also creates a smoother finish to the blade, which helps to increase glide on the ice.

CCM Super Tacks Skates Speedblade Black


The CCM Super Tacks will release on July 22, but we will have plenty more updates for you before then. I have been wearing the skates myself for a few weeks now so keep your eyes peeled for a detailed on-ice review – Hint: I like them. A lot.

If you need new skates right now and you just can’t wait, check out our whole run of CCM skates. Remember to check back soon for a lot more information on the CCM Super Tacks skates, including an on-ice review as well as more information on the Ultra Tacks and the rest of the line!!

The CCM Super Tacks are now available for pre order. Shop Pure Hockey now and be the first to get these new skates.

CCM Super Tacks Skates

CCM Super Tacks Skates

CCM Ultra Tacks Skates

CCM Ultra Tacks Skates

15 Comments on CCM Super Tacks Skates Preview

  1. How does the width of the heel box compare to the Supreme TotalOne line? Any idea how the sizing runs in comparison to the Supremes?

    • This year CCM skates and Bauer skates will finally be sized the same, so if you are in a size 8 in Bauer, you will also be a size 8 in CCM. As for the heel cup, you might find a little more room in the heel than in the TotalOne, but still locked in. They will generally fit the same foot shape as the Supremes.

  2. ive not seen these yes,however i’m hoping to find these skates ‘MADE IN CANADA’ not in a country where the only ice you find is in a freezer,(providing they can afford one-)

  3. Interested to see the line that I grew up in come back…but what will the cost be? Skate and gear prices are truly out of control, and many of us just cant see paying more for a skate than you did for your first car…

  4. Looks like CCM have got it right .. after too much variance of models & fits .. & silly names & other company’s colour schemes

    The Super Tacks will lift them out above the crowd . And I’m very taken with the all over wrap of these Supers .

    But will the Ultra Tacks be the ones to take the beatings & bashings that top hockey dishes out ?

    As a recreational player, I’m replacing my CL & U+PRO custom boots in the Fall : I reckon I’ll get the JetSpeeds – then after a season of NHL hockey, see what’s what with the Supers & the Ultras .. & give them a go !!

    Cheers Folks Jacques LeHatte

    • The biggest difference will be that the Super Tacks will be a true one-piece boot construction while the Ultra Tacks will still have an outsole that connects to the holder.

  5. What is the difference in weight between the 2017 Super Tacks and the Tacks? Also, with such seemingly pronounced changes between these models, does that mean the new Super Tacks do NOT promise the same explosive acceleration (“first five steps”) that was the very intriguing sell-line for the Tacks model and its redesigned core in certain areas of the boot? (Indeed, the information and marketing offered about this Tacks boot construction led me to believe that, heavier weight or not as compared to other top-end market entrants (be it CCM’s own Jetspeed (770 grams) or the Bauer MX3 Supreme (710 grams)), these revised Tacks must truly do something new with acceleration. But the introduction of these new Super Tacks naturally leads one to wonder whether that promise was an unfulfilled marketing line (I am happy to be wrong about this, mind you–again, the Tacks seem very intriguing, especially as the price continues to be more reasonable.)

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