The CCM RBZ Superfast Stick

You may have noticed during the most recent NHL Playoffs that some players in the league were using a new CCM stick that really stuck out. Yes, the red one that players such as Gabriel Landeskog of the Avalanche were using. It is the CCM RBZ Superfast and it is the newest top-of-the-line stick in the RBZ family from CCM.

When CCM first announced in 2012 that they were going to team up with Taylor Made to engineer a ground breaking, pro-level hockey stick people obviously took notice. There have always been parallels between the golf swing and the hockey shot and both have the same purpose: to drive whatever it is you are striking (ball/puck) as hard as you can and as accurately as you can. With the first RBZ, CCM really just dipped a toe into the water. This was the first stick to use CCM’s innovative Speedblade Technology which is still the cornerstone for the Speed Pocket Technology that you will find in the 3rd generation, RBZ Superfast stick.

When you introduce brand new technology, there will always be some kinks to be worked out and some concerns to be addressed. As someone who used, and still owns an original RBZ stick, the most impressive feature of the stick is shot power. Even from the first time I used it there was no denying that there was a completely different ‘pop’ off of the blade that I hadn’t felt in any other stick. I couldn’t remember ever getting more behind a shot. Although the Speedblade on the original RBZ stick was fantastic for shot power, it still wasn’t perfect. Receiving a pass was a bit different from any stick I had used in the past because of the almost elastic bounce off of the blade. It was brand new technology and since then CCM listened to the consumers and the pros and modified their Speedblade for the RBZ Stage 2, introducing Freak Channels in 2013. Now, in 2014 the Speedpocket is the latest advancement.

RBZ Superfast Speedpocket

The Speed Pocket idea is very simple; fewer channels in the blade, and more open space in the middle would lead to more C.O.R.(Coefficient of Restitution), which in laymen’s terms, is the speed at which the puck reacts off the blade of the stick. Boy did CCM nail it on the head! In tests The RBZ Superfast stick has been found to provide up to 50% more C.O.R. than last year’s RBZ Stage 2.

CCM RBZ Superfast Review

I know, it all sounds and looks great on paper. I have been using the new Superfast for about a month as of this post, and have to admit that just like after getting my first RBZ, I have never had a harder shot. Our goalie even commented after our first warm up that he could feel the difference in shot power, and the puck was getting in on him much faster than in the past. In my opinion, this Speed Pocket technology is legit. Some may think of it as effective marketing from CCM, but if you use it once, you will see that it is no embellishment. This stick crushes the puck.

Of course, the major driving force behind wanting this RBZ is the heavy shot it produces, but there are other technologies from CCM in this stick that sometimes get overshadowed by the powerful shot. FIex has also been a major talking point with the RBZ line. CCM has engineered a “Custom Flex” profile which reacts to the individual’s hand positioning. This means that the stick flexes appropriately for anyone. Whether you are someone who keeps your hands higher and a little closer on the stick, or if you are someone who skates low to the ice and has the bottom hand way down on the shaft, this stick will be ready to load and release like a cannon.

If durability is a concern for you, stop worrying. Not only have I used the Superfast for a month straight now without issue, but my original RBZ is still in my stick rotation after multiple years of use. Yes, the white and red blades do tend to mark up easily and show the wear and tear, but it is not very often that I can make a stick last more than two years. Sometimes it can be tough to wade through the marketing and advertising on some of these brand new sticks and find real, solid truths. The RBZ Superfast is the real deal. If you pick one up, get ready for an all new level of power. And also give your goalie a fair warning before warm-ups.

The new CCM RBZ Superfast stick is available for pre-order NOW, just click the button below!

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