CCM FitLite 3DS Hockey Helmet Preview

CCM FitLite 3DS helmet preview

This summer CCM will launch their next generation helmet, the FitLite 3DS. The new CCM FitLite 3DS hockey helmet is the result of a continued partnership with the University of Ottawa, over four years of research and development and countless invaluable insights from some of the best pro players in the game.

D3O Smartfoam Technologyccm fitlite 3ds d3o

If you have been paying any attention to CCM’s gear over the past couple of seasons, it should come as no surprise that the FitLite 3DS helmet will feature D3O Smartfoam. This material has what is known as ‘rate-sensitive properties’, meaning that the foam actually ‘reacts’ differently to various amounts of force. This enables D3O to be adept at managing energy from all different levels of impact. Considering how greatly the amount force exerted on a hockey player can vary when they are hit, this is a tremendously beneficial property of a material to have.

CCM’s research has shown that the majority of impacts a hockey player endures occur on the sides of the head. For this reason, the bulk of the D3O Smartfoam inside of the FitLite 3DS has been positioned in that region. D3O has been tested and proven in other industries, including as a key material in helmets for other sports. Compared to its competition, D3O is able to absorb about 23% more impact force at various velocities.

New Interior Liner Construction

On top of the introduction of D3o Smartfoam, the CCM FitLite 3DS liner was also redesigned. The liner is now made up of four-pieces of low density EPP foam with covered with memory foam comfort cushions. The new construction creates a more protective, better fitting and more comfortable interior. The low density EPP foam gives players the best of both worlds by being extremely lightweight while providing a professional level of protection.

CCM FitLite 3DS Microdial III System

Another major upgrade to the CCM FitLite 3DS is the introduction of the redesigned Microdial III 360° wrap system. The new wrapping system does not go inside and through the EPP foam liner as with previous models. This creates a more secure and snug fit. There have also been improvements in the durability of this fit system, as users of previous models had voiced some concerns in the past.

ccm fitlite 3ds helmet micro-dial

Brand New, Pro-Approved Shell Design

The last upgrade I will mention is ironically the first one that players will notice when they catch a glimpse of the CCM FitLite 3DS helmet, the brand new shell design. CCM worked with their stable of pro players and endorsees to ensure the helmet was something that actually looked good and passed the stringent ‘mirror-test’. CCM began with the shell shape of the Reebok 11K helmet and previous CCM FitLite then brought down the back end of the helmet to create a sleeker look. Theccm fitlite 3ds helmety kept many of the lines and shaping from the previous versions, but incorporated the more squared of styling that has become synonymous with CCM helmets. The result is a lower-profile that can still hold all of the protection and technology that players need.

The shell itself is built from a strong, stable high-density PE plastic, strengthened by the ABS subshell underneath. Although the shape changed, CCM continues to show the subshell through vent holes, creating the ability to have two-tone color options. This has always been a popular feature on Reebok helmets in the past, as it allows players and especially teams to further customize the look of their lids.

The FitLite 3DS will be available at Pure Hockey stores and this summer. Until then, check back soon for my playing review of the new CCM Fitlite 3DS, as I have been testing it out recently.

UPDATE: The CCM FitListe 3DS Hockey Helmet is now available for pre order. Shop Pure Hockey now and be the first to receive the new CCM helmet!

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